Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - October - Tissue Paper Re-do

You know as much as I like to recycle things I wouldn't at least toss in one technique using someone elses garbage ;)

Today I want you to dig around and find some used tissue paper.  Since Christmas was only a month ago I hope most of you will be able to find a scrap or two laying around.  I myself never throw any could be the nastiest looking stuff but you just never know when it might come in handy!


Old Tissue Paper
Ink (re-inkers work great)
Collage or Liquid Glue (your fav)
Heat Tool (optional)
Metallic Rub-on's or Metallic Ink


1. Begin by making sure your tissue paper is REALLY crumpled and worn looking.  The more winkles the better.

2013 Tech Cal - October 001

2. Apply a nice layer of glue over the entire sheet of cardstock.

2013 Tech Cal - October 003

3.  Open up the tissue paper and roughly spread it out.  Place it on the cardstock and gently press it into the glue.  Let the glue dry naturally or use the heat tool to speed drying.

2013 Tech Cal - October 004

4. Apply a few drops of desired color of ink onto a damp sponge.  Begin dabbing the ink over the cardstock.  Use one or more colors of ink as desired.    You will notice that you get light and dark areas which is perfect!  Just the look we're going for.   Let the inks dry naturally or use a heat tool to speed drying.

2013 Tech Cal - October 006

5.  Now it's time to add some shine.  I am using Inka Gold medium but you could use any metallic rub-on, acrylic paint or metallic ink for this step.   Use your fingertip and gently rub your chosen medium over the winkled bits of the tissue paper.  No pressure is needed, you're only hitting the peaks of the tissue paper.

2013 Tech Cal - October 008

here are a few pics of what it looks like....

2013 Tech Cal - October 009
2013 Tech Cal - October 011
2013 Tech Cal - October 013
Pretty cool huh?
Once your metallic medium has dried your paper is ready to use!
Here is what my calendar page looks like....

2013 Tech Cal - October 015
O.k..there you go
10 months down, only two more to go!
How are you coming on your calendar?
I hope you're all enjoying it so far.


  1. I used yesterday's technique (tape transfer) as inspiration for my aceo background. Posted and linked back to you today! Thanks so much for sharing all these great techniques!

  2. Very pretty- love the metallic highlights...and the fun spiders!

  3. J'adore toute les techniques et surtout les tutoriels qui sont faits. Merci, car grâce à vous j'apprends
    toutes les possibilités d'emploi des
    produits !

  4. That is so pretty! I am finally getting over the flu (I hope) and I only have the first one done. I will get caught up eventually.

  5. This would be a fun technique for a Mardi Gras theme! :)

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  7. Hi Roni, another beautiful technique. Great photo. Must try this. Great October colours. It must look absoloutely amazing in the flesh (so to speak)


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