Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - June - Cling Wrap Winkles

Today's technique is one that pairs spray inks, water and plastic wrap.  Now I have to admit I hate plastic wrap...I can NEVER seem to get it off the roll and onto whatever I'm wrapping without a wrestling match.  The stuff just never comes off the roll worth a hoot.  BUT I braved it today for the sake of art ;)


Spray Ink - 1-3 colors, shimmery works better but plain is o.k. too.
Plastic Wrap
Heat Tool (optional)


1.  Mist your cardstock with water.

2. Spray on 1-3 colors of your spray ink over the entire piece of cardstock.  I always make extra when I'm doing this technique because the results are always cool and it's fun to use on other projects.

2013 Tech Calendar - June 002 2013 Tech Calendar - June 003

3. Pull off a large piece of plastic wrap ~ about twice the size of your cardstock.  This way you have lots of "scrunch" power to work with.

4.  Place the sheet of plastic wrap over the wet inks and then scrunch it up so there are loads of wrinkles.  These wrinkles will be what creates the cool patterns in the paper.  This is also why I like the shimmery ink mists over the plain.  The shimmer tends to gather in these wrinkles as well almost giving the paper a marble effect.

2013 Tech Calendar - June 004

5.  Now let the paper dry.  This will take a bit of time but you can speed the process a bit.  After your paper has set approx. 10-15 minutes or so, flip it over and begin gentle heating from the back.  I do this for about 5 minutes or so.  Let it cool and dry a bit more and continue to heat and cool until the paper is almost dry.  OR you can let your paper dry naturally.  I just can't wait that long ;)

6. Remove the plastic wrap and your paper is ready to use!  Here is how mine turned out.  I tried to show how cool the shimmery part of the mist gathers in lines on the second photo.  It really is beautiful.

2013 Tech Calendar - June 005 2013 Tech Calendar - June 007

And here is my calendar pennant....
very summery if I do say so myself :)

2013 Tech Calendar - June 008

2013 Tech Calendar - June 009
And now it's your turn!
Have fun combining colors
scrunching your plastic wrap!


  1. Love the pennant you made and I love using this technique.:)

  2. beautiful background and great technique - thanks for sharing!!


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