Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - May - Sliding Stencils

May's technique is one that is really fun ~
Sliding Stencils.

BTW, the die-cuts I'm using for my calendar are - Medium Fancy Flourish - My Favorite Things; Elegant Scrollwork - Memorybox Dies


Acrylic Paints - 2 shades of each color - light and dark work best.
Distress Inks
Rubber Stamp
Masking Tape

Now no worries if you don't have a stencil.  You can easily make one by die-cutting a piece of left over acrylic packaging or hand cutting the same.


1. To begin use a piece of masking tape to temporarily stick down the stencil ~ we don't want it sliding just yet ;)

2013 Tech Calendar - May 001

2. Using a dark shade of acrylic paint sponge each area of your stencil.

2013 Tech Calendar - May 003

3. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry or speed drying using a heat tool.

4. Reposition the stencil and "SLIDE" it off to one side a bit. 

2013 Tech Calendar - May 004

5.  Now sponge on the lighter shade of the original colors.

2013 Tech Calendar - May 005

6. Remove the stencil and check out the cool shadow effect you just created!

2013 Tech Calendar - May 006

7. Continue layering your images onto your cardstock as desired.

8.  Once you're done painting on your sliding images, apply desired color of ink to the background.  Wipe off any ink from the painted design with a wet cloth.

2013 Tech Calendar - May 008

9.  Once the images and background inks have dried, reposition the stencil over each image and stamp text over part or all of the painted images.  I'm using a tiny text stamp over just the flower heads.

2013 Tech Calendar - May 010

10. Cut out and embellish as desired!

2013 Tech Calendar - May 011

It's that easy but way cool results don't ya think?
I've heard from several of you that you're playing along...
I hope you're all enjoying the calendar so far
and having fun with each technique!


  1. I am loving your calendar techniques! Thanks for posting them.

  2. Roni, I love this technique! Wi the right colors, it can work for every holiday!
    You are the inky beta,
    Kathy Jones

  3. Roni, I did it again...a typo due to a late night entry...yikes.
    What I wanted to shout from the roof tops is quite simply that you are "THE INKY BEST"
    Much Love,
    Kathy Jones

  4. I agree with KayJay...you ARE the inky best!

    Haven't had time to play along just yet, but will definitely be making a banner calendar using your fun techniques. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. :)


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