Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - April - Faux Bleaching

Happy Monday!

Originally I was going to use this technique for January which is why part of the examples are in blues...  I changed it at the last minute and went with the AI Stamping for January because I had snowflake die-cuts that worked better with the felt.  Anyway, better late than never right?
2013 Technique Calendar
Faux Bleaching

For April we will be using a fun technique that incorporates Distress Stains, Baby Wipes and Embossing Folders.  Now no worries if you don't have embossing folders, I've got a couple other alternate ideas for you to use instead.

1.  Ink up your cardstock with various shades/colors of Distress Stain (or apply inks to the cardstock using the Ink Blending Tool & Distress Ink Pads).

2. Dry the cardstock/inks completely.

2013 Tech Cal - April 007

3. Emboss the cardstock with your embossing folder.  I am using a pretty little flower emb. folder.

2013 Tech Cal - April 008

4.  Take a wet wipe and dab at the raised areas of the embossed design.  You will notice that the wipes wick the color from the areas that you dab.  Amazingly enough this is going to create a bleached out effect very similar to bleach stamping without the noxious odor! 

If you notice your wet wipe starts to dry out give it a quick mist with water.  Not too much ~ you just want it damp, not dripping.

2013 Tech Cal - April 010

here is what my design looks like after it was dry.

2013 Tech Cal - April 012

Here are the original tag samples I made while playing with this technique in December.  Remember, I was going to use this for January's calendar page hence the snowflakes (and why it doesn't match april).   If figured you wouldn't mind them being different.

The first tag I dabbed away the embossed snowflakes leaving the background darker.  The next two tags were embossed upside down (mistake) and the background was actually the raised area which I dabbed at.  That is why the snowflakes look darker.

2013 Tech Cal - April 001

Now, if you don't have an embossing/die cut system you can try one of the next two ideas...

Simply dab at the cardstock in various areas.  You'll get a great wicked effect!

2013 Tech Cal - April 002

Or, if you have stencils, place the stencil over your inked cardstock and dab at the exposed areas. 

2013 Tech Cal - April 003

Once dry you'll have a nifty faux bleached look..... 

2013 Tech Cal - April 006

And here is how my April calendar page turned out....

2013 Tech Cal - April 014

It's now your turn!
Pull out those inks and give it a try!


  1. I don't have distress stains...will anything else work?

  2. Hi Roni,

    Very cool! I will play with this technique this weekend.


  3. Ronni, this looks good, I have to try this too!
    Thank you!


  4. That is a neat idea! It's easy to get addicted to the embossing folders, isn't it? I love them! And every time I use one it is just too cool looking!

  5. I am so happy that I am following your blog and I am doing the calendars. Thank you so much for sharing. I have a question and it is what flourish die are you using?
    Thanks again, Marilyn Mae

  6. Oh man, you do the best tutorials--you always make me think I can do it, too!!

    Very fun, Roni!


  7. Great technique! now, I have to go back to the store to get some baby wipes!


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