Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - July - Blasted Stickles

You know how much I love glitter so I had to pull it out at least once for our calendar and today is the day.

I like to try to incorporate holidays for each month when I can and of course the USA has it's birthday during July and what a better thing to celebrate huh?   I know I used this technique on a calendar a couple years ago but I simply love it.

I originally tried this on white paper. It was nice but it just didn't have the impact I wanted so this time I switched it to black paper and oh what a difference ~

original example on white cardstock....

Ranger Technique Calendar - July - Stickles Glitter Glue 004

new example on black cardstock....

2013 Tech Cal - July 005

Here's all you do....

NOTE: I place my cardstock in a box lid so the splatter is contained.

Squirt a few blobs of Stickles on your cardstock.

2013 Tech Cal - July 003
Give each blob a quick blast of canned air.
You then add a few blobs of your next color, blast it with air and continue until your entire piece of cardstock is full of beautiful blasted Stickles!
2013 Tech Cal - July 004
Here is how my pennant looks before it's finished...
2013 Tech Cal - July 006
and a couple different views of the finished pennant calendar....
2013 Tech Cal - July 007 2013 Tech Cal - July 008
Beautiful isn't it? 
It's amazing what a difference the black cardstock makes.
Really adds so much to the design I think.

Well, how are you all coming on your calendars?
Good I hope!


  1. Great, wi-fi on the blitz, from no comments to two almost the same. Don't you just love technology. Take care Roni, really enjoying all these different techniques

  2. Fun technique! I love the Stickles on the black cardstock! Thanks for sharing! =)


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