Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange Cleaner Image Transfer Update

I have gotten several e-mails over the last few months about an image transfer technique I discovered by accident a couple years ago ~ to see the original post ~ Orange Clean Image Transfer and Orange Clean Image Transfer Examples. 

If you hadn't read that transfer technique it is an image transfer technique that can be used for ink jet printed images and photos.  It works with both black & white images as well as color images.  The complete directions are on the first link above.

The questions I've been getting recently are about the inability to locate Orange Clean solution and if anything else would work.  I guess Orange Clean must be sold in limited areas now because while I did find it on-line I'm told it's not sold as widely as it once was.  So I went in search of to see if any other orange cleaners would yield the same results.

As luck would have it over the weekend I found a couple other brands of orange based cleaner and gave the image transfer another try....


 Orange Cleaner Image Transfer 002

I was just messing around and didn't take a lot of time to burnish the images really great since I was just testing the different cleans.  That is why these images aren't as clear as the original examples.  I also wanted to see how many transfers I could get from one image. 

As you can see the other types of orange cleaners did work and while some of the images are lighter in color they still transferred multiple times!  I'm so happy about this, it means that more people can play w/o having to search out one particular brand of orange based cleaner.   

Now I'm not chemist but I would suppose that the ability to transfer images has to have something to do with the orange oil that is in all of these brands of cleaners.  I can't vouch for acid content so I wouldn't go using this on your photos or in scrapbooks but for making cards, altered arts and other fun projects I say go for it!  It's a fun and inexpensive way to make LOADS of image transfers with images you can print at home.

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  1. Thank you for doing all of this experimentation for us. I cannot wait to try this technique with some kind of orange solution!


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