Monday, April 11, 2011

Mom's Gothic Arch Book!

Yes, my Mom followed along and made her own Gothic Arch book for a friend at work who is battling cancer.   It's a great idea to lift her spirits and brighten what can be a very frightening time in any one's life. 

Mom tried most of the techniques I posted and made up several pages of her own.  I am so proud of her for making this book because normally she looks but doesn't give em a try.   FINALLY she listened and joined in the fun...I knew she'd enjoy it ;)

So here is mom's book....

Mom's Arch Book 001

Inside the front cover mom printed all of the life lessons for Judy to read.

Mom's Arch Book 002

Mom's Arch Book 003

Mom's Arch Book 005

Mom's Arch Book 006

Mom's Arch Book 007

Mom's Arch Book 008

Mom's Arch Book 010

Mom used die-cut (sizzix) puzzle pieces instead of inchies!

Mom's Arch Book 011

Mom's Arch Book 012

Mom's Arch Book 013

This is what is below the vellum cat...

Mom's Arch Book 014

Mom's Arch Book 015

Mom's Arch Book 016

This page was hard to photograph so I took 2 straight on and the second so you could see what was below the micro beads (mom LOVES these things!!).

Mom's Arch Book 018

Mom's Arch Book 019

Inside the back cover is a pocket with a tag ...

Mom's Arch Book 020

and the tag reads...

Mom's Arch Book 021

Mom's Arch Book 022

And there you have it!

I think it turned out great don't you?

Mom is giving it to Judy today...I can hardly wait to hear what she thinks.


  1. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure your mother's friend Judy will treasure this book. TFS

  2. I just found your blog and its great much talent you have! And your mom! What a wonderful gift.
    I am just getting into the altered art world.

  3. i just love your moms book. Thanks for sharing it. it is truly a wonderful gift.

  4. This turned out so wonderful!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I am speechless - your mom's book is STUNNING!!!! and moving and a wonderful tribute to someone very special.

  6. is awesome! she has a great teacher! luv luv this book idea...

  7. Beautiful. I am so touched by it and I am certain your mother's friend will be too. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  8. So nice of you Mom to do this lovely little book for her friend :) I'm sure it will be treasured!

  9. Wow Mom! You did a great job and I smiled as I read your words of wisdom.I promise to put those words into action in my own life. Prayers for your friend. Connie :)

  10. It's fantastic! What a special gift, it will be cherished.

  11. Your Mom's book brought tears to my eyes. Thank you and her for sharing it with us.

    It's great to see what someone else's book likes. I know yours is great and I loved it. But to see how someone else interprets it is so cool!

    If I was Judy, I'd be honored to receive this book!

  12. Your Mom did a phenomenal job on the decoration for each and every page. I am sure her friend will treasure it for years to come. I am not being picky, but the one mistake in word usage sticks out. Your Mom may want to redo the "Cancer" page. The soul for the body is soul, not sole, which is a shoe bottom or a fish.

  13. Please tell your mom that she done the most fantastic job.. wow.. I am in tears just reading through this.. it is truly the most thoughtful gift.. I am sure that she is going to be crying big time when she gets it but will be so happy and will read it over and over again ! I love every page..
    WELL DONE MOM !!! Thanks for sharing such a special moment !

  14. That really turned out great! I know your mom's friend will love it. I hope she beats cancer and lives a very long time.

  15. Roni -

    Your mother is amazing and so is her work! Her friend Judy is going to love this beautiful book. Awesome job. Now I see where you get your talent from!

    Elaine Allen

  16. Your mother's book is wonderful. I can only imagine the joy it will bring her friend.


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