Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage Street Market

Back in December of last year I was surfing the net for vintage ephemera just to see what I could find and might be able to buy ;)  Well as I was "window shopping" I stumbled upon a web-site called Vintage Street Market

Vintage Street Market is a nifty little web-site selling all sorts of vintage goodies.  Some items are sold separately while others are bundled into themed kits (such as St. Patrick's Day; Vintage Cowboy A or Cowboy B; Vintage Halloween; etc.).  Now I have to tell you ~ I was thrilled!!  All of this great ephemera in one spot at one place...heaven!

Well, I was looking around their site and decided to check out their blog.  They were talking about some products they had in the works that would be coming out at Winter CHA...   First thougths...Ugh...more stuff to put on my list.  LOL!!  I'm sure we've all felt that way as soon as all the companies start spilling their little secrets with us.   I decided that since the products currently available on their web-site was pretty awesome I'd better subscribe to their blog to see what was to come.

I have to tell you, when I saw their new paper kits and tape I was even more happy than when I initially found their site!  At this moment they have two paper kits.... Party Games and Dimestore Vogue.  AND Tinted Tape....(a.k.a. - Cellophane Tape!!!!!) which comes in 4 different designs ~ Aged; Linen; Numbers; and Soot.  After I saw these goodies I knew they had to be moved to the top of my must have list.  The bad part...they wouldn't be in until late March .... 3 months later!!!!  Ack!! 

In the meantime I contacted Michelle (one of the owners) about the possibility of being featured here on Ink Stains when their products were available.   She graciously agreed and answered a few questions for me to help you get to know them and Vintage Street Market a bit better.

The wait is finally over and I can share these amazing products, people and way cool site with you all!

Vintage Street Market was created by two friends Michelle Jackson and Allison Rittner and is based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Born from a love of all things vintage, Vintage Street Market offers up a bounty of vintage and new products to help you re-create the feel of times long since past.  I have to say that I am thrilled to be able to share this new (to me) company with you all and hope you enjoy it as much as I have...  Ink Stained Roni

On to the questions....

Q - How long have you been scrapbooking / stamping / crafting?

A - For as long as we can remember! We both have always been interested in crafts, but especially love the textures of paper-crafting. It’s wonderful how the scrapbooking industry is starting to introduce other crafting techniques such as beading and sewing.

Q - How did your company get started designing their own line of products?

A - We enjoy retro vintage imagery, and wanted to introduce our own interpretation of it. Hence, the oversized paper sizes, and the multi textures. And, we've included coordinating die cut tags in each package. We like how our large papers will appeal to paper crafters, altered artists and decoupage artists. And, can make unique gift wrap!

Our new Tinted Tape is pure practical fun. Each tape dispenser contains over 70 feet of decorative tape. Like the paper, the tape is also very versatile and will have many applications.

Q - Where does your inspiration come from for your designs?

A - We love retro vintage, and are most inspired by the colors, graphics and styles from products of the 1940s and 1950s.

Q - What lines are your favorites?

A - As we have just released our new product lines, we love it all! The tape is so versatile, and we love the variety of the colors and textures in both of our paper collections-Dimestore Vogue and Party Games. Not to mention too, the size of the new papers!

Q - How often do you come out with new lines?

A - As we are just branching out into our own product lines, that remains to be seen, but we enjoy creating new products, and have many great ideas!

Q - Anything special you’d like to share about your company?

A - Wow, I love this question, as our company is based on so much more than just product. We, of course, love the authentic vintage that we carry in our online store, and are excited about our new products, but beyond that, our intention is for these products to inspire memories and create a nostalgic community. We enjoy the shared memories we've been seeing on the blog and on Facebook, and get a kick every time we hear "oh, I remember that!"

Q - Are you an Angel Company?

A - Absolutely-we love to support creativity! Information regarding the program, can be found under our FAQs on the

Q - Do you sell direct from your website and if so what forms of payments do you take?

A - We do have an online store where we sell our own branded product, as well as our authentic vintage in addition to a few other things we just love. Our new products can also be found in local scrapbook stores.

Q - Do you ship internationally?

A -  YES, we do now ship internationally. 

Thank you Michelle for taking the time to introduce my Ink Stained friends to Vintage Street Market.

Now, I wanted to talk a bit about the paper kits today...  Both kits consist of 4 "sheets" of paper and a 12x12" sheet of cardstock "goodies".  I say "sheets" because these aren't your ordinary sized 12 x 12 pieces of paper.  Each piece of paper is actually 24" x 36" which is like getting 6 scrapbook sized sheets of paper in one!   The kits each have two double sided sheets of printed paper which is glossy and reminds me of pages of a magazine, a sheet of single sided foil paper and a sheet of crepe paper.   The sheet of cardstock extras contain tags or other punch-outs that pertain to each kit.   The reasoning behind the large sheets is that they can be used for all sorts of paper craft arenas ~ from scrapbooking; rubber stamping/card making; gift wrapping and party favors; collage and altered arts! 

Both kits come packaged in a nifty kraft colored paper envelope...(Dimestore Vogue shown) I honestly can't decide if I want to leave the envelope intact because it's really cool looking or if I want to cut it apart and use various parts and pieces of it in my projects. 

Vintage Street Market 001

Vintage Street Market 002

Here is the assortment of paper in the kit...

Vintage Street Market 004

and the sheet of cardstock punch out shapes....

Vintage Street Market 003

and finally...

here are a couple sneak peeks at 2 of the projects I have to share with you that I created from these fun kits...

Created using Dimestore Vogue ~

Vintage Street Market 023

Created using Party Games ~

Vintage Street Market 008

I will be sharing the completed projects, directions and other "goodies" in the coming days. 
I hope you stop back in and check out all of the projects I made...
I promise you won't be disappointed.

You never know when a give-a-way might pop up!  ;)


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