Sunday, December 6, 2009

Questions - 25 Days of Handmade Ornaments - 1-7

I've been getting lots of questions about the ornaments so far, many dups ~ so I thought I'd post the answers here :)

Ornament #1 - Lace Snowflake ~

Q - What size did I print out the pattern to make the giant snowflake? I want to make some for my windows.

A - Those were 6" squares which ended up making a 12" snowflake.

Q - What size patterns should I use to make some for my tree?

A - You can print the grids around 2-3" to make a good size ornament for the tree (4-6" finished snowflake).

Lots of people commented on my inky fingers that got in the picture ;) LOL...don't call it Ink Stains for nothin! And yes, I really do get into my art. I always say you're just not doing it right if your fingers come out clean!

Ornament #2 - Paper Filled Glass Balls ~

Q - Where did I find the neat sheet music? Is the sheet music stamped? Did I make the sheet music?

A - The sheet music is real vintage sheet music that I got at an auction a couple years ago. You can however use stamped sheet music. There are several stamps out there with a musical theme (Tim Holtz has a great one - Festive Sounds)that you can stamp onto tan/cream colored cardstock, add a bit of distress ink and you're set to go. You could of course stamp on both sides so the musical notes show on both sides but the outside is most important.

Ornament #3 - Frosted Memory Glass Ornaments ~

Q - Where can I find Frosted Memory Glass?

A - Tons of people have asked about this. I know some KMart stores carry the Frosted Memory Glass but it's not ava. at all locations so I guess that's hit or miss. Other stores which carry the Frosted variety - Create for Less, Scrapbooking Warehouse, Ritz Camera, ebay and more!

Q - Which side of the glass did I stamp and emboss on?

A - Either side works well.

If you stamp on the Frosted side the image shows up great on both sides no matter which is facing out on your finished ornament.

If you stamp on the smooth side and you have the Frosted side facing out on the finished ornament your image will look muted because of the frosted effect. Just as if you were looking through a frosty window on a winter morning.

Q - Who makes the stamps I used?

A - The stamps in idea 1 & 3 were all from a Fiskars set of stamps - Twas the Night, the stamps on idea #2 are from Inkadinkado - Snowflakes LM809397 (99397) .

Q - Where can I find Grunge Board?

A - I'm told that some Wal-Mart stores carry it but they don't in my area so I guess it's again hit and miss store by store. I know the craft departments at the stores around here vary greatly in what they do and don't carry so your best bet is to just call around and see if they carry it. Same for Target and KMart.

On-Line - some places that carry it are -, Joggles, Create for Less.

Q - What size circles did I use to make each ornament?

A - All of the circles I used were cut using the Nestabilities Large Circle & Scallop Circle die sets. For the Segmented red ornament (#5) - I used the 3 1/4 & 3 3/4" (approx) circle die-cut. Segmented blue ornament (#5) - 2 3/4" circle. Segmented with a Twist ornament (#6) - 3 1/4" circle die-cut.

You can of course use anything to make the circles. I've used lids, plates, bowls, glasses, etc. as a pattern to create just the right size circle I needed for a particular project. They don't have to be die-cuts. Anything goes when you're crafting ;)

Ornament #7 - Glitter Filled Ornament ~

Q - Why did I use that particular adhesive?

A - It's new to my adhesive collection and I wanted to play with it. LOL...

Actually, that's partly true but you have to get just the right balance of sticky vs. fluid movement when you make these ornaments.

You want a glue that moves well yet retains a good "stickyness".

I have in the past tried this using a watered down thicker white glue (Elmers, Mod Podge, etc.) but by the time you water it down enough to get it to move freely and coat the inside of the ornament it just doesn't hold the glitter like it would if it weren't diluted.

Glossy Accents and the like are way to thick and you'd have to use lots of it to coat the inside of the ornament and again not good diluted.

The Leafing adhesive is thinner bodied which allows for the great coverage and you're not taking away from the sticky factor since you don't have to water it down. The thinner body is also why you must move quickly between coating the ornament and pouring/shaking the glitter around. If you leave it sit too long the glue will slide back down the glass leaving a streaky does make a cool effect if that's what you're looking for though so I guess that's up to you.

Q - What type of Glitter did I use?

A - I used Art Institute Glitter brand but you could use any fine glitter you'd like. I've never tried using Glass Glitter because the flakes are much heavier and thicker so I don't know how well it would coat as it dried.

I think I answered all the questions I had but if I missed any, please let me know and I'll answer it as best I can :)

I'll have another ornament this afternoon as well as some Vintage Postcards to share with you :)

See you then!!

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