Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments ~ Day #4 - Traditional Grunge Board Ornament


Day 4

in my

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments!!

I wasn't sure what to call this ornament so I called it a "Traditional" Ornament since it's a basic round ornament made using Grunge Board.

No matter what you call it, it's another fun, quick and easy ornament to add to your collection!

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

Day #4 - Traditional Grunge Board Ornament

#4 - Chipboard & Grunge Board Ornament 001


Grunge Board (the original, not the Grunge Board Paper)

Pattern Paper of your choice (I used snowflakes)

Grunge Board Reindeer

Die Cut or hand cut Star

Heidi Swapp Letters

Stickles Glitter Glue

Distress Crackle Paint

Adirondack Acrylic Dabbers




Double Stick Foam Tape


1. Cut a circle from the Grunge Board and cover it with pattern paper.

2. Punch a hole in the ornament for the eyelet. Insert and set the eyelet.

3. Create a reverse scallop pattern around the entire edge of the circle as shown... Basically you just draw a scallop along the edge of the circle then go back and fill in everything from the scallop towards the outside edge. Set aside to dry.

#4 - Chipboard & Grunge Board Ornament 001

4. Paint the Grunge Board Reindeer with Antique Bronze (looks like copper to me - yeah!!) Distress Crackle Paint. Depending on temp/humidity/etc. it will take your paint a while to dry.

#4 - Chipboard & Grunge Board Ornament 001

5. Paint the letters and holly with the Black Acrylic Dabber. Paint the star using the Pearl Acrylic Dabber. Don't forget to paint the edges as well.

6. After the acrylic paint has dried, cover each piece with the desired color of Stickles Glitter Glue. Set aside to dry....if you're like me, you will need to make sure it's not anywhere that you might touch it accidentally ;) LOL!! I have had to add more Stickles to so many projects because I end up touching it before it dries completely...not to mention decorating myself ;)

7. After everything is dry, adhere the letters directly to the ornament. Use double stick foam tape to attach the star and reindeer. This gives your ornament a great depth... If I add multiple items I usually add a second layer (like I did with the star) to create even more depth and interest.

8. Glue the holly onto the reindeer and add a ribbon for hanging!

#4 - Chipboard & Grunge Board Ornament 002

#4 - Chipboard & Grunge Board Ornament 001

Now, just think of all the die-cut or hand drawn shapes you could use to take this basic idea and incorporate into a "ball" ornament.

Things like snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes, holly, evergreens, Cross of David and so much more!!

The possibilities are just endless :)


  1. Very cool, Roni! Don't you just love that crackle paint! Awesome!

  2. Very nice! Love the simplicity of it, yet it looks great!

  3. I'm adding this to the list of ornaments to make with my grandson. He's loving painty/inky fingers!

  4. Hi Roni -

    I love the look of this ornament. These would be nice as gifts. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

    Elaine Allen

  5. Hi Roni can you send me your address for the dec swop on my blog. I got your gift, thank you so much. But was unable to acknowledge it due to computer problems at the time. Here's wishing you a great Xmas season, regards Juliet

  6. Love this, simple yet gorgeous! Thanks for doing these, and all your other tutorials, I love coming on your blog and reading them! (been reading your blog for a while although I think this is the first time I've left a comment) I think you're great and very inspirational!

    sab x

  7. Roni, what fab ornaments! I just discovered them today and had to go back and check the other posts. Love what you did with the frosted glass. Definitely on my to do list!

    linda t:)

  8. you are right, very flexible!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  9. so nice! ty..all of them so far are doable! yeah! cher

  10. Im heading to Michaels tonight to see if they have the grungeboard...our local ACMoore doesn't have it! These are adorable and would love to try it out!

  11. I can see that I will have to go shopping. I am going through a lot of my stickles this Christmas season. This is the second time I have needed the crackle too. I just hope I can find some. This is a realy nice ornament. Thanks Roni

  12. Great idea Roni! Love the glittery decorations around the outside edges of the ball. So pretty! Looks like tiny icicles! It is so fun coming here each day to see what you have come up with!

  13. So pretty Roni! Tim Holtz would be proud. :)


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