Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments! #19 - Mistletoe!!

Yes, everyone will jump up for a kiss when you bring this ornament into the room!!

It's perfect to hang in a door way, add to a package or just carry around to use whenever you feel the need for a little sugar ;)

A bit about mistletoe ....

*Mistletoe was also used to welcome the new year and to ward off evil. Mistletoe was hung over a baby's cradle to prevent theft from fairies, and it was believed that mistletoe promoted dreams that unlocked the secrets of immortality.
*When hung in the home, mistletoe symbolized purity and strength and promoted happiness, romance and peace. In fact, custom called for enemies meeting beneath the mistletoe to throw down their weapons and embrace.

*When worn, mistletoe had the extraordinary powers of warding off demons and witches while protecting the wearer from fits, fever, tremors and poison.

*Mistletoe was thought to promote fertility!

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

#19 - Mistletoe

Mistletoe 001


10-12mm Pearl Beads or Pearl Flower Stamen


Green Crepe Paper


Floral Tape (optional)


Needle Nose Pliers


1. If you are using flower stamens wrap the wire around the stamen to form a loop at the bottom.

Mistletoe 002


If you are using beads, create a loop on one end of the wire. Slip two beads onto the piece of wire and create a loop on the other end of the wire as shown...

Mistletoe 003

Mistletoe 009

2. Fold the wire in half and twist creating a loop at the bottom of the wire as shown.

Mistletoe 010

Mistletoe 004

3. Create 4 of these little pearl & wire twists. Each twist will become one bundle of mistletoe.

4. Cut round end leaves from the crepe paper. You will need 3 leaves for each mistletoe bundle you make (I made 4 bundles + 1 extra set of leaves for later use).

5. Wrap and adhere 3 leaves on each of the pearl/wire twists to create a mistletoe bundle.

Mistletoe 006

Mistletoe 007

6. Now that you have 4 mistletoe bundles completed, cut a long piece of wire (10-12") and make a knot on one end and add a pearl bead. Wrap 3 leaves around this individual bead.

Mistletoe 011

7. Approximately 1" up from your last leaf on the long piece of wire create a knot and hang 2 of the mistletoe bundles.

Mistletoe 012

8. Up another inch make a second knot and hang the remaining two mistletoe bundles.

Mistletoe 013

9. (optional) If you'd like you can use the floral tape to hide the joints where the bundles meet the central piece of wire. I don't because once you add the ribbon it hides the wire pretty well. Totally up to you though ~ some people don't like the wire showing through.

10. Add the ribbon at the last joint where you added the final two bundles of mistletoe. Create a loop for hanging from the remaining wire. Hide the end of the wire by tucking it into the ribbon.


Mistletoe 015

NOTE: If you'd like to create a little mistletoe to wear on your lapel, simply take two or three of the bundles, wrap them together and add a piece of ribbon and you're set to go :)

Now wasn't that simple?

And it looks great when you're finished...

it looks even better than most of the real mistletoe I've seen for sale in the stores!

This is so quick and easy there is no reason not to have a bit of kissing going on this holiday season!

Have a great day!!


  1. Wow Roni -

    That looks so real! I think this is a great idea, especially for folks with pets. I've heard that mistletoe is poisonous. Once you put the ribbon on and hang it, I defy anyone to tell it from the real thing unless you get up close and touch it. Great Roni! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Very pretty and a great alternative over the cheapo plastic ones (and def. over real for those of us with little ones). Great job! I've linked:

  3. Very realistic. Even if you can find decent stuff, it wilts and looks ugly real soon. This can last through all the kisses you want!

  4. How clever of you and safe climbing those really huge trees where Mistletoe grows. <:o) This looks fabulous. Well done.

  5. Oo-la-la!! Very realistic looking mistletoe. I was wondering how I would get my hubby to kiss me this Christmas! LOL...I'll surprise him with mistletoe..hehehe!

  6. Love this and so much nicer than the bought plastic stuff. Thanks!

  7. I Googled "how to make your own Mistletoe" and ended up here. I love it and will hopefully make it this week if time doesn't get away on me. Christmas in 5 days, Eeek!

  8. Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  9. Where do you buy the crepe paper?


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