Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments ~ #2 Paper Filled Glass Balls

Here we are at day 2...I've got another fun ornament for you but I had several e-mails mostly about one aspect of day 1's ornaments....Time!

How long the snowflakes REALLY take to make? Honestly, it didn't really take all that long at all because I was using glue dots and those are immediate stick ~ no wait time for adhesives to dry. The most time consuming part of the project was the inking and stamping. I'd say it took me about 1/2 hr. from start to finish ~ maybe less because I was taking pics at the same time.

Remember, if you're worried about time you can always print the pattern on double sided pattern paper. No fuss, no muss... You'll skip steps 2 and 3 taking you directly to the cutting stage.

Today's ornament is VERY quick and easy. Actually, the majority* of it could be done while watching TV or if you have to wait around for any reason it's a great time filler.

25 Days of Hand-Made Ornaments

#2 - Paper Filled Glass Balls

In my opinion, clear glass ornaments are one of the greatest buys at any craft or discount store! They are so versatile and you'll see I am going to use them several times through out the 25 days. I found 12 for 3.99 at Hobby Lobby...you can of course wait till there is a sale or use your 40% off coupon for an even better deal ;) Makes for some very inexpensive beautiful ornaments.

Today though we're going to start off with a really easy technique to fill these ornaments.


#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 002

Some sort of paper ~ this could be pattern paper, cardstock, vintage maps, sheet music, clothing pattern tissue, tissue paper, etc.

Pencil, pick, etc. Something skinny and round to roll your paper on.

Glass Ball

(optional) Glass Glitter or other Glitter

(optional) Ribbon

(optional) Embellishments


1. Tear the paper into small strips.

2. Roll these strips of paper on your pencil or in my case I used a pick. I used the smaller pick because it allowed me to roll the paper strips tighter for smaller rolls. (the smaller the roll, the more pieces you will need to fill your ornament.)

*Now, this is the step that can be done virtually anywhere. If I need to make several of these ornaments I tear all my paper ahead of time, place them all in a baggie and tuck it in my purse. That way anytime I'm waiting anywhere or sitting in front of the TV I can roll all the strips I need.

3. Remove the lid and drop these paper rolls into the ornament.

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 003

4. Continue to add rolls of paper until the ornament is filled and replace the cap.

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 005

5. Now of course you could use the ornament as it is but of course I can't leave well enough alone ;) LOL!! Soooo, let's add a few goodies! First, I love adding glitter to any project ~ it doesn't have to be gaudy...just a few sprinkles for a bit of color, some greenery and a ribbon should do the trick!

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 006

And here you go....

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 011

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 013

A way cool ornament with a vintage feel that didn't take long at all to create!

Pretty awesome huh?

Need something faster????

Well, I'm going to give you a

Day #2 Bonus Idea....

I'm going to mix up my holidays here but it's really cool....

Recognize this?!?!?

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 014

YES ~ it's Easter basket grass filler - LOL!!

I bought this on clearance last year and it was like $ .39 a bag! Gotta love a bargain ;)

So here's what I did...take a wad of the grass and gently tuck it down into the ball. I used my pick to help push it in but you could use whatever you have on hand.

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 007

Since this already has metallic strips of "grass" I didn't add any extra glitter. Just replace the cap, add a bit of bling in the form of wired tinsel and a ribbon....

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 009

#2 Paper Filled Ornaments 010

So there you have it...you get a two-fer on day 2!

Easy enough huh?

Be sure to stop in tomorrow for the next hand made ornament idea :)


  1. Fun, pretty, AND easy! Right up my alley!! :)

  2. These are wonderful - so many ways to personalize them with different papers and such!

  3. Roni -

    I love these. I've used alcohol ink on clear glass ornaments, but never thought of adding paper. These really do look great and I love the one with the music sheet.

    I don't know where you get your ideas, but keep them coming - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Great idea, so easy! Thanks!

  5. Cute and easy....my niece will love to try this one!!

  6. Great idea! Looks fantastic!

    hugs Susi

  7. Roni what a fantastic and simple idea! I love the music ones the best... just awesome!! Thank you!

  8. Such a beautiful way to incorporate vintage papers. Lovely lovely ornaments. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Such great ideas and sooo simple. Thanks!


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