Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Greetings in an Altered Tin - Pt. I

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you've all had a great time this holiday season! Did Santa bring everything you wanted? I asked for lots of kitchen related items (because I've been watching the cooking shows!) and I think I got them all! I wanted a deep fryer and got a very nice one from my guys, a roaster from Mom & Dad as well as a few gadgetry items as my french fry cutter!! No crafty goodness but they all know I like to shop for that type of thing anyway.

Well, it's time to start thinking about the new year. 2010! Hard to believe the past year has flown by like it did.

Anyway, if you're like me ~ this time of year you like to spend lots of time with family and friends just catching up and messin' around so it's o.k. if your holiday greetings and new year wishes arrive "sometime" in January ;) LOL! So, the project I have for you today is a fun little hello to send to friends both near and far. One of the main ingredients for this project is something I'm sure many of you received this holiday season filled with sweet treats and goodies. Nifty little holiday tins ~ I know we ended up with about 5-6 of them this year.

new years tin 001

Now, these look difficult but you can make them in an assembly line fashion and whip them up in no time at all! So, let's begin!

New Years Greetings Altered Tin


Metal Tin



Bone Folder

Pattern Paper




1. Measure the inside of the tin. It is very important to get a correct measurement...if you're wrong here your accordion pages won't lift out of the tin properly and make for a frustrating mess. You will also need to decide how many circles you will need for your greeting, message or sentiment. Be sure you add 3 extra circles to your finished accordion piece ~ 2 for the opening tab and one to affix to your tin. I made my finished accordion piece 9 circles long.

new years tin 002

2. Now that you know how large your circles will need to be and subtract 1/4" - when you cut your circles out this will leave both side edges intact to create your accordion piece. I folded my cardstock for this tin 3 3/4". Score enough cardstock and fold.

new years tin 003

3. When you go to assemble the folded pieces of cardstock leave a small lip on each section. This lip will be how you join together each of the folded sections to create your long accordion piece.

new years tin 005

4. Join the appropriate number of folded cardstock pieces to create enough circles for your sentiment/greeting/message. To join each piece you can use tape or a double stick tape.

new years tin 007

5. After you have assembled your accordion piece, fold it up into a stack and place your tin on the pile and draw the circle.

new years tin 008

6. Trim the corners - be sure not to cut through the folded edges....or you'll just have lots of circles ;) LOL!!

new years tin 009

7. If desired you may now stamp or cover each circle with pattern paper as desired.

8. To create the pull out tab, fold the first circle in half and apply glue towards folded edge. Your tab will look like the following...

new years tin 010
new years tin 011

9. Now your ready to decorate your album....

new years tin 012
new years tin 013

That's all for today ~
tomorrow we'll finish up the tin by attaching the message to the inside of the tin and decorate the outside.


  1. Ok - it is official. I am addicted to your blog Roni. Every day when I stop by you have something fabulous for us. I'm compelled to come back just to see what you've come up with for the day! Thank you - this tin sounds like fun to do.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Very cute! Great idea for all those tins.

  3. brilliant tutorial again Roni - thank you

  4. Way to ring in the New Year!! We are altering already and I'm thrilled. I did an altoid tin before but the outside only LOL I didn't know that to put inside. You are super Roni!
    Can't wait for part 2...btw was this a little candle tin? I think my mom has some t his side, I will have to go rob her today I think.


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