Monday, December 14, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - #16 - Mini Ornaments

I was originally going to share just bottle cap ornaments with you today. Sally, Debbi and a couple other people asked about examples of ornaments for small table-top trees so I dug around in my stash and found several other goodies to make some mini ornaments out of.

Hope you enjoy them and be sure to check out the Give-A-Way to help you create some mini ornaments of your own!!

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

#16 Mini Ornaments

(for table top trees)

mini ornaments 001


Bottle Caps, Charm Blanks, Cabochon Settings

Collage Images

Glossy Accents, Crackle Accents, Paper Glaze, Diamond Glaze, etc.

Glitter, Micro Beads, Mica Flakes, etc.


1. Select and trim collage images to fit into your mini ornament. Vintage postcard images would be PERFECT for these ornaments. Simply print to the desired size and you're set to go!

mini ornaments 003

2. (optional) When using Cabochon Settings I like to bend each prong down so it lays flat. This also gives you options for adding findings to hang from the tree as well as an opportunity to add dangles!

mini ornaments 006

3. Ink jet images tend to bleed when used with Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze. So, if you are using ink jet printed images you will need to seal your images prior to adding these mediums. To seal ink jet printed images, add a small dab of Glossy Accents or medium of your choice. Use your finger to smear a thin layer over the entire image. Let it dry completely. This will seal the image and protect it from subsequent layers of Accents/Glaze.

mini ornaments 009

4. Once your images have been sealed, glue them into the bottle caps, or other findings using a bit of the Accents or Glaze.

mini ornaments 008

5. Cover each ornament completely with your choice of Accents/Glaze. Don't forget the sparklie stuff! You can add micro beads, glitter, mica snow, mica flakes, etc. to spice up your ornaments.

mini ornaments 011

6. Now you can use all sorts of goodies to enhance your ornaments ~ here are just a few ideas...vintage/junk jewelry bits, earrings, pendants, garland, wired tinsel, etc. Glue on desired hanger.

mini ornaments 013

My ornaments weren't dry yet so I'll have to share the finished ornaments tomorrow.

BUT in the mean time I have some goodies to give-a-way!

mini ornaments 015

You'll get all these goodies shown plus a few collage images to get your mini tree decorated with hand made ornaments!!

Simply post here and you'll be entered to win!

You have until 12-17 to post at which time I'll draw one winner (using

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Great idea for mini ornaments. I have a feather tree and another small tree that would look great with these ornaments!

    Thanks for all of the great ideas this month.

  2. Your ideas have been great!

  3. Darling ornaments! You always have wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, these are a great idea! Im so in luv with vintage things and these images..good luck to all! Cher

  5. What a clever lady you are...using your stash and making these quick and easy mini ornaments. Thank you for sharing and helping us be creative. <:o)

  6. I love the idea of those mini-ornaments. I'm going down to look thru my stash to see if I can make some.

  7. Oh My! What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. very cute, I have one small tree with mostly tiny crotched ornaments these would look great added to them

  9. Super idea! these would be great on my little 4footer..hehe. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  10. Oh goodie! I'd love to have a chance to use the smaller collage images. I've been checking out your website faithfully--what marvelous ideas you have. Thanks a bunch. WRE

  11. What a brilliant idea - a mini tree sounds good to me. Love your ideas.

  12. Oh I do believe you are teasing us- not showing completed ornaments! I am looking forward to them! Once again- a great idea that you have shared! Thank you!

  13. What great mini ornaments! So quick to make but really cute.

  14. You continue to amaze me, Roni, I can't wait for the next day.

  15. Hi Roni -

    Now I have loads of bottlecaps, you would think I would have thought of doing this - LOL!! I use my bottlecaps to make bracelets and pins. I use two things to keep the inket inks from bleeding. One is just a simple Krylon acrylic spray, usually matte finish. I spray the papers 2 or 3 times lightly (letting them dry in between sprays, only takes seconds). This seals the paper and lets me then use Diamond glaze or Glossy Accents. The other thing I use is a product called Microglaze. It comes in a small jar, it is a wax. You put a small amount on your fingertip, I pat it on to cover the surface, then rub it in. Wait about 3 or 4 minutes for the product to dry. I then take a paper towel or a cloth and buff the paper. If you really work at it, you can get a great shine on this - but too much work for me - LOL! Anyway, the microglaze leaves a layer of wax on the image that you can then cover with Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze. If you sprinkle some water over the image after you buff it - you will see the water actually bead up on the paper.
    Just my two cents! And thanks for another great tutorial!

    Elaine Allen

  16. How beautiful! You make such beautiful things, now these gorgeous mini ornaments! Thank you! Thank you! just for a chance to win this!

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  18. These are the cutest mini ornaments! Such a releif from the regular ornaments. Great idea!
    Reba in Illinois

  19. Those little ornaments are really sweet! I have been enjoying the various ornament lessons.

  20. What lovelies! And I'd be thrilled to win your prize!

  21. I've never seen glitter beads. So that is another one to add to the wishlist.

  22. I love this minis. I would even make some Christmas jewelry the same way. :)

  23. Hi, Roni! Oh, I haven't run across a giveaway that I really wanted and would use like this one in so long. I need to make several tiny tree decs to use as samples for hosting a future swap in one of my groups, and this would be a real motivator. Thanks for your ingenious ideas. I just put your book on my wishlist at the 'Zon for my Christmas money shopping and thought I'd drop by here and see whats wut. xoxo, Aimeslee

  24. How cute are these! I truly love your projects. You keep them simple, real and easy-to-do. Love them. Best wishes in the New Year.

  25. What great ideas here. Where have I been these past weeks?? shopping, baking, creating as well but how did I miss this?
    Your mini ornies are sooo very cute. I have a small tree these would look wonderful on. I hope I am not too late to enter.
    Squeal Squeal.


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