Wednesday, December 2, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - Day #3 - Frosted Memory Glass Ornaments

Today's ornaments use a product that stumps many people ~ Frosted Memory Glass. Everyone loves the ideas but when it comes to actually using it ~ well, it's a mystery. Soooo today we're going to try a few techniques (3 to be exact!) and we'll see what you think of the Frosted Glass afterwards!

25 Days of Hand-Made Ornaments

Day #3 - Frosted Memory Glass


Frosted Memory Glass

Memory Frames

Resist Ink (or watermark ink)

Pigment Ink

Clear Embossing Powder

Archival Ink

Alcohol Ink

Cardstock & Paper

Idea #1 ~ Resist Inking

O.k....this technique is really easy, we're simply going to stamp on the FROSTED side of the glass. It is very important that you determine which side is actually the frosted side because if you stamp on the smooth side it's not going to work. Simply rub your finger over the glass...there is a subtle texture on the frosted side. This is the side you want to stamp on.

Simply ink your stamp with the resist ink and stamp!

Remember, since you're using 2 pieces of glass you can stamp on both for a whole new look on the back side.

Simply place a dark piece of cardstock between the two pieces of glass. This will allow the images to stand out.

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 004

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 005

Idea #2 - Pigment Ink & Clear Embossing Powder

The next idea to use Frosted Memory Glass is to combine it with Pigment Ink, Clear Embossing Powders and Vintage Dictionary Pages!

Simply stamp the desired images using a pigment ink, sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat. I have embossed on both sides of the glass and it works well both ways.

It's hard to photograph because I used Brilliance ink ~ it shows up so well in person but the camera just doesn't see what the eye does. Anyway, I think you can see the idea. In one light the frosted glass and embossed images are more prevalent. Shift positions and the definitions show up better. On the "Snow" side I stamped on the frosted side of the glass. On the "Snowfall" side I stamped on the clear side of the glass.

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 016

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 014

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 010

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 009

Idea #3 - Alcohol Inks & Archival Ink

The third idea for using Frosted Memory Glass is to pair it with Alcohol Inks and Archival Stamped Images!

Very simply, stamp on one side and use Alcohol Inks on the other. Here you can see the difference between apply the alcohol inks on the frosted (l) vs. smooth (r) sides of the glass.

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 011

When you put this ornament together you don't need to slide anything between the two pieces of glass. The AI's are enough of a buffer so you don't see one side through the other.

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 025

#3 - Memory Glass Ornaments 026

So there you go...3 fun ways to use Frosted Memory Glass!
Gosh, I'm sure many of you have been over at Tim's site checking out the 12 tags of Christmas. Can you believe the numbers for the drawings over there?!?!? Since it's going to be pretty tough to win I'm thinkin' I'll get some goodies around to help your odds a bit. I need to see what I've got in my stash and I'll be posting something on it soon! :)
Hope you stop in tomorrow to see ornament idea #4!!
See you then friends!!


  1. where can i buy the frosted memory glass

  2. Ah, now I can relax. I've had my Roni fix for today - LOL! Love these ideas with the frosted memory glass. Heck I'm loving your 25 days of Hand made Ornaments! Keep em coming Roni, I'll be here every day, even after Christmas.
    Regarding Tim's blog, the numbers are staggering - WOW! You have a great night and thanks again so very much for your tutorials.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Oh another super project that can be done easily yet looks like a million bucks. Loving these... Thank you!

  4. I have never tried the frames this is another great idea

  5. I just saw some memory glass at Michael's and was wondering how to use it. I don't know if it was frosted. Anyway, these are nice! Thanks for the tut!!

  6. I've been tempted to buy the memory glass before but couldn't think of what to do with it. Back to the craftstore tomorrow!! LOL Thanks for another great tutorial!

  7. Well, I passed some of those up a few days ago. Now you've "forced" me to go buy some!!

  8. Love it! Or them actually. Yes, I, too, have been following Tim's blog and tags. It would be cool to win something, but, wow, the projects are so great, I'm having so much fun just with them that the prizes are just icing on the cake. But (don't tell my husband) I think I need to go shopping!

  9. These are really beautiful Roni! I have some etching cream that I could use on the regular memory glass for a project like this. Thanks for the ideas!

  10. These are so fun, thanks for showing 3 different ways to use the same products!


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