Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - Day #5 - Die-Cut Segmented Ornament

I wasn't sure what the heck to call today's ornament ~ I tried several different names but ended up with segmented because to me it looks like a paper crafted orange and it's segments.

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

Day #5 - Die-Cut Segmented Ornament

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 023

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 001


Cardstock &/or Pattern Paper (enough for 8 circles)


Circle Die or Pattern - These can be any size desired.

(optional) Rubber Stamps

(optional) Ink

String, Ribbon, etc. for hanging

(optional) Embellishments


1. (optional) When I make these ornaments I like to add a bit of interest to cardstock by stamping various images...and I like to get inky ;) LOL!!

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 003

2. Cut 8 circles ~ you can do this by die-cutting them if possible or you can use a circle template and hand cut them. Whatever works for you.

*A bit on the paper choice. I like to use a variety of patterns and colors but the combination is totally up to you...all cardstock, two patterns, three, etc. The patterns and colors allow you to create countless combinations!

*Also, I like to mix plain and scallop circles ~ by doing so you just add one more layer of dimension to your finished ornament!

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 006

3. Fold all 8 circles in half. I like to fold them pattern out to begin with, then flip and fold with the pattern inside. This helps later on when you go to "fluff" your ornament.

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 007

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 009

4. Choose one circle as your starting place. Open up the circle so it lays flat on your work surface.

5. Attach the hanger (ribbon, fiber, thread, etc) using double stick tape so that it is as close to the center fold as possible. (the closer to the center fold, the straighter your ornament will hang.)

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 010

6. Fold this segment back in half and make sure your hanger is positioned correctly. You will notice I left a tail hanging down. This is great for adding beads, charms or other "goodies" to dangle from your finished ornament.

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 011

7. Apply adhesive to the half circle.

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 012

8. Add the next folded circle on top of the first. Alternate between adding adhesive and the next circle until all 8 circles are adhered together as shown.

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 014

9. Flip your stack of circles over and apply adhesive to the other half of the circle you originally started with...

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 015

10. Open up your ornament and bring the first and last ornaments together and secure as shown.

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 017

And you're done!!

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 023

You could further decorate these ornaments by adding any number of embellishments....Stickles Glitter Glue, Glass Glitter, Micro Beads, etc.

NOW, for a quicker ornament you can simply use all pattern paper and skip the inky steps.

You will notice for this ornament I used all scallop circles and added Stickles Glitter Glue for a bit of sparkle!

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 019

#5 - Die Cut Segmented Ornaments 024


  1. cute , am wondering how they would go if you stitched them together?
    might have to try some and see, TFS jenxo

  2. Love this simple ornament and the fact that you can dress it up as much as you like!

  3. I think I'll try using some old Christmas cards to make a couple.

  4. cute! stitching would be great! ty Cher

  5. I think this is one I am going to use my slice for. You and Tim rock. When I get home from work I am going to head to my craft room. I had no inky fingers yesterday, had to work until 9 because the library hosted a craft show, so my fingers are going trough withdrawal.LOL

  6. Roni -

    Beautiful - of course I love anything with Stickles. I'm addicted to them. They really add to the ornament.

    Elaine Allen


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