Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Crepe Paper - Storage???

Hi All ~

I have to tell you about an awesome buy I got last week.  Ds, his girlfriend and I went to a not so local antique mall.  Much of it is hand made craft items, figurines, plates, etc. with a few real antiques sprinkled in here and there.  There is a section though that is called their flea market which actually has more antiques than the rest of it.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a box FULL of vintage crepe paper.  Most of it is Dennison crepe paper with a few other mfg. thrown in.  (Dennison is the maker of those vintage red/white labels everyone is crazy for).    Check out the awesome art deco package in the center...there are several like this with different color flowers (the flowers are the color of the crepe paper inside!).  VERY cool...  The color name is actually dry embossed into the bottom of the package.

Vintage Crepe Paper 005

Some of this stuff is REALLY old...I'm thinkin the 20's - 30's by the graphics.  What amazes me is that it is still in perfect usable condition!  The colors haven't faded, it's not brittle, etc.  I am so excited because I finally had a chance to go though it and not only did I find tons of crepe paper,

Vintage Crepe Paper 006

I found bits of vintage colored cellophane....

Vintage Crepe Paper 002

Something termed Velvet Crepe Paper...  I've never seen any crepe paper that compares to this.  It is so tightly compressed it actually feels like velvet.  It's amazing, I wish they still sold it.

Vintage Crepe Paper 004

I also found three completed vintage flowers and a few patterns!  I don't want to take them apart but I am going to try to come up with my own flowers using these as inspiration.  Hopefully you'll see them in the near future.

Vintage Crepe Paper 001

I now have a nice big pile of the wrappers/packages.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.  The really old ones with the art deco graphics would be cool framed and the others are just too cool not to use for something.  I just have to figure out what that something is.
Vintage Crepe Paper 007

I do need to figure out how to store this stuff though. 
The crepe paper is 20" long so it's a bit larger than average.
Any ideas?

So, as a result of my way cool find, in the near future you'll probably be seeing quite a few crepe paper projects :)


  1. This is an inspiring and amazing find well done you! x the long clear boxes that are used for storing rolls of wrapping paper would be good, you could decorate them too! x Leigh x

  2. GReat find-- I love prowling the antique malls - you could hang with clips in closet cover with a clear big ziploc-

  3. Looks pretty dang cool- I will look forward to seeing what you create with this! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. As soon as my computer finishes downloading the pictures I'll look. LOL The only place I have left for storage is from the ceiling. or maybe a gift wrap container. I have one that is flat and goes under the guest bed.

  5. wow... you hit pay-dirt Girl! Crepe paper now is just not made like the old stuff.

  6. Once again, you find the best stuff!!!! A friend of mine stores all of her tissue paper on a wooden dowel rack. It looks like one of those ladder shelves but with dowels. There is about 2 inches between the dowels and they stagger forward like a stepladder. Her husband built it for her and she loves it. It really doesn't take much space and she's able to see it all at once. I'm not sure if you get the idea but if you want more info, I can take a picture of it and email it to you.

    Carol M.
    cmetully at yahoo dot com

  7. I have left for storage is from the ceiling. or maybe a gift wrap container.


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