Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Goodness...

I know for many places Autumn has brought more snow this year than it has in many years but I'm still in autumn leaf mode so I wanted to share this card... 

I love using the lighter colors of Adirondack Dye Ink paired with some of the original Earth Tones.  The light colors add such depth when layered as shown.  Makes me wish I were a kid so I could jump into a great big pile of leaves!   I'm afraid if I did it now I'd break a part or two ;)  LOL!!!

Those who look...

Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  1. Gorgeous card. We had about 2 in. of snow last night,our first for the season.

  2. Excellent card with a wonderful sentiment. Happy Thanksgiving...

  3. What a beautiful leafy background. Gorgeous x

  4. Great inspirational timing. I just received my tin with leaves and other goodies in it. Thanks, Roni. I've gushed about you on my blog today. Bless you!

  5. Just beautiful Roni :) and your so right about the inks
    Von x

  6. Lovely card Roni. I love the Autumn, but its has gotten cold way to fast, not enough of the normal fall weather. And a bunch a leaves is so much fun, I love the woodsy smell they give off. As for jumping into them, alas, those days are way past for me. I KNOW I'd break something - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  7. I am not normally a card fan, but this one hits my spot big time! I love the colors and the "real-ness" of the way the leaves look. Just gorgeous!!

  8. Great combo of ink and dyes for your marvelous card!

    No snow where I am, but the Sycamores are just starting to turn yellow and the poison oak is turning lovely shades of orange and crimson!


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