Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Journal #7 - Smooshed Mediums!

Today's Art Journal is full of fun and play....  with mediums!

I thought it would be fun do do something a bit less structured after last weeks ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) so this is totally for fun.    I want you to gather up some of your favorite mediums ~ paints, inks, glitter glue, or any other medium you might have in your stash you want to play with.  Choose one or two colors to work with ~ this helps keep your creation pleasing to the eye.  Remember you can use a variety of shades of these colors.    I am using green and blue for my colors....

Art Journal #7 - Mixed Mediums 001

Now in order to keep your colors pure and to keep everything from turning into mud you're going to need to apply your mediums in layers.  You will need to let each layer dry before moving on to the next.   I know it's time consuming but trust me on this it pays off in the end.

I start off with the medium that is most opaque and work towards more translucent mediums.  In this case it's the Inka's like metallic rub-ons only WAY more intense.    I applied a few smears here and there on one sheet of cardstock, I then covered it with the second sheet and smooshed them together.  You can twist em and turn em to distribute your medium on both sheets.   Peel them apart and get ready for the next layer....
Art Journal #7 - Mixed Mediums 002

My next layer was the acrylic paint in really bright shades.   I applied it again to one sheet then smoosh.   After that layer had a chance to dry I added Stickles and Liquid Pearls for the me this was the best layer because the shimmer of the Liquid Pearls and the glitter of the Stickles REALLY make the other colors pop....
Art Journal #7 - Mixed Mediums 003

Here is what it looks like at this point.... when you smoosh the cardstock together then peel it apart you get some really great textures...
Art Journal #7 - Mixed Mediums 004

Next to help fill in most of the white areas I mixed a bit of water and Distress Stain on my non-stick craft mat and gave each sheet a swirl in both blue and green.

Art Journal #7 - Mixed Mediums 005

We'll pick it up from here tomorrow...
Till then have fun playing in your medium!!


  1. I think someone is having a blast getting her hands inky!! It sure looks like fun Roni.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Looks like some fun!

  3. I am so impressed you art journal!!! Yipeee....!!! Isn't it great???

  4. awsome Roni! I have a journal now I have to get up the courage to dive in!!! Love your ideas! I remember dong this technique in grade school! So much fun. tfs!

  5. I am so impressed you and thanks share with us ...we manufactures Rubber beadings soft and hard

  6. I loved watching your art process:)


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