Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #4 - TH Double Felt Pine Cones

As promised, here is a new twist on making the Sizzix - Tim Holtz - Alterations Pine Cone....  These cones are giant size - 2-3" long!!!  A perfect addition for the tree, mantel, gift, or more!

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#4 - Double Felt Pine Cones!


Cut Felt Pine Cones in 2 shades of brown
Coffee Stirrer
Double Stick Tape


1. Cut the pine cones from two shades of brown felt. 

2. Wrap the stirrer with double stick tape approx 2-3" up the stirrer.

3. Begin by adding the light color felt to the very tip of the stirrer.  Now attach the darker felt approx. 1/8" - 1/4" staggered as shown.  By staggering the colors you will be able to see both the dark and light petals up the cone.
TH Double PC 1

4. Wrap both colors of felt around the stirrer - one at a time.  Now what do I mean by that?  Well, you will need to wrap the light felt one revolution around the stirrer until you meet the dark felt.  Then wrap the dark felt one revolution around the stirrer until you meet the light felt. 

Continue wrapping alternating colors of felt all the way up the stirrer.

TH Double PC 2

5. Finish off the pine cone by adding a glue dot to secure the final dark petal to the pine cone.

TH Double PC 3

Here is a second cone using a couple different colors of felt.

TH Double PC 4

Pretty cool looking huh?

TH Double PC 5

and here they are shown next to the #3 Suede Pine Cones...

TH Double Pine Cone 6

You can of course add Stickles/Glitter
and/or use the same bundling w/wire technique shown in #3 instructions if desired.

Now in addition to felt you could use two colors of cardstock, pattern paper, suede/leather; fabric, etc.  Keep in mind the thickness of the material used will determine how large the pine cones finish out at.  Since felt is a bit bulkier than most other materials (with the exception of leather/suede) your finished pine cone most likely won't be as large as the felt cones.

Adds a whole new dimension to these little gems huh? 


  1. These are so pretty Roni. I love how they look. I really need to add that die to my list.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Love those! I especially like the brown on brown one!

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  4. These are too cool! Love the suede ones.

  5. Gorgeous! I've got to that die too. Hmmm... I can see them made from many different materials now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. that die is going on my wish list

  7. Just fabulous! Did you check out the roses on Tim's tag #1?


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