Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Faux Suede Rubber Stamping Technique

I am so excited to share this new technique with you.... You know how I love to experiment and play with things I already have in my stash, well this is something I've been perfecting for a bit now trying to get just the right look and I think I've nailed it!

Now covering embossing with paint is nothing new but I've come upon just the right combination of materials to make it work perfect!

Faux Suede
Rubber Stamping Technique


Terra Cotta & Espresso Adirondack Acrylic Dabber
Black Cardstock
Clear Embossing Powder
Clear Embossing Ink
Heat Tool
Damp Tissue (like a kleenex - not the wrapping type)
Rubber Stamp (Pheasant - Third Coast; Swirl - Fancy Pants)

It's very important that you use the supplies listed to get the exact look.  You can experiment with different colors of paint or paper but it just won't turn out the same... I've tried.


1. Stamp and emboss image onto black cardstock using clear ink/ep.

Faux Suede Tech 003

2. After the embossing has cooled dab on several dots of each - Terra Cotta and Espresso Adirondack Acrylic Paint.  I'd give you a number of dots but since every image is a different size I can't....just dot enough to cover the image similar to the second photo....

Faux Suede Tech 004

Faux Suede Tech 005

3. For this step you'll need a damp tissue.  When I say damp I mean 2-3 squirts of a regular water squirt bottle.  You want it fairly wet but not dripping. 

Take your damp tissue and begin dabbing the paint and blending as you go.  Don't smear the paint around just dab it.  Your tissue will become covered in paint but that's o.k...  just keep going.  The dabbing motion will create a textured look in the paint as it dries.

Faux Suede Tech 006

Eventually you'll get something that looks like this....  If you feel it's too orange or too brown you can add one or two more dabs of paint for fine tuning at this time.
Faux Suede Tech 007

Your image will look similar to this....

Faux Suede Tech 008

4. Finally take your same damp tissue that will be somewhat drier by now, find a clean area and gently wipe off the paint from the embossed areas...

Faux Suede Tech 009

And here is your faux suede image.... 

Faux Suede Tech 010

How do I know it looks like real suede?

Check it out.....

Pretty darn close huh?

Faux Suede Tech 019

And here is another image...sorry for the glare ~ I changed the lighting in my room and I'm still trying to get used to it. 

Faux Suede Tech 002

So there you go...

A great new technique for you to play with over this very long holiday weekend
(here in the states that is...)

What do you think? 
Gonna give it a try?
I'd love to hear what you think!

Have fun playing!!!


  1. ugghh..so busy here with holiday stuff...but it looks FAB! however did u figure this one out lol...u amaze me every darn day! Have a great holiday...xo

  2. Amazing technique Roni! I would love to try this, but I do not have all the necessary supplies~my christmas list just got a little bigger.

  3. How cool! It does look like suede. I'll have to try this. Thank your for sharing and I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. yay!!!!!! Thanks Roni! Couldn't wait to see this one....gotta get me some expresso paint and I'm good to go!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Yipee....have a nice long weekend to play, I'm not one of those black frday shoppers! Very cool!

  5. Hi Roni -

    Will have to pick up the terra cotta paint dauber, I think I have the espresso. Really dying to give this a try. I think it looks amazing. Thanks for the tutorial Roni!

    Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Yay..another new technique and one that is simple enough for me to try out. Don't have any ink dabbers but I do have acrylic paints in those colors. Will try pouncing them with a sponge and see how that works.

  7. Very cool technique!! Thanks for sharing!!


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