Friday, November 18, 2011

Heat (Thermal) Embossing Basics - Part III - Embossing Powders

We've discussed the process now let's talk a bit about some of the huge variety of embossing powders out on the market.... 

(Now mind you this is only a small sampling of the powders out there...there are hundreds of types in many many colors from loads of manufactures. This is just what's in my stash.)

Fine or Ultra Fine Powders -

These are the best types of powders for highly detailed stamps or sentiments.  Works great for those poem sentiments as well as line images.  These snowflakes are about 1/4" (.25") if that helps...
Fine or Ultra Fine usually come in black, white, clear and some metal colors (gold, silver, bronze).  I've not found them in many other colors....
Embossing Powders 001

Regular & Adirondack EP's

Regular Embossing powders are the types you find everywhere... This stuff comes in TONS of colors and is the most common type of powder you'll find.    It can be opaque, translucent or transparent depending on the variety.

Adirondack Embossing Powder that has a white base and is semi-matte opaque ep.  When I say it has a white base, it starts out white and is covered in colors that match the Adirondack line of products.  Why is that different?  Because when it's heated some of the white specs show through the color yielding a very cool vintage feel.

Embossing Powders 003


This is another really cool ep...  This type of ep has a grainy texture after it has been melted.  Most of the colors in this line have a matte opaque finish.    There is not notable exception to this rule - Frosted Crystal.  This is a transparent textured finish that is totally awesome when paired with Perfect Pearls!

Embossing Powders 004

Puffs & Pearls

Puffs are a really cool ep that actually puffs up and has a dimensional finish after it has been heated.  To me it almost looks like flocking without being soft.

Pearls just as the name implies has a beautiful pearly finish. 

Embossing Powders 005


There are many varieties of embossing powder that has some sort of glitter in it.  Some have more some have less but it's all way cool.  I have found that when I use this type of ep I am ALWAYS covered in glitter...  I guess because the glitter is so micro fine it is easy to scatter.  Either way they are always cool...   This stuff comes in tons of colors and combinations.
Embossing Powders 006

Embossing Powders 007

Stamp n Bond

One of my favorite types of EP's....  This stuff is so WAY cool.  It is a powder that once heated becomes a glue turning any of your stamps into a sticker.  I love to cover it with glitter, flocking, metal leaf.   I've heard you can even use it with micro beads but I've never tried it so I'm not sure.

Embossing Powders 008

Here are a couple different angles to show some of the brilliant effects each powder exhibits....

Embossing Powders 011

Embossing Powders 013

Now I know I left out two HUGE categories of embossing powders....
Distress Embossing Powder
UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder). 

These are VERY different than the embossing powders listed above so I thought I'd break those out and explain what makes them so different and share a few examples of each in action.
Be sure to check back next week to hear more!


  1. This is great Roni! I really appreciate the time you are spending on the basics of all of this! Thanks so much!

  2. What a great info tutorial on embossing powders. Thank you Roni.

  3. I've never known any one (not even in person) go through so much work to help so many others!! I'm thoroughly enjoying this even tho I thought I was quite knowledgable about EPs. Thanks Roni for sharing so much of yourself & your talents!!!

  4. Oh I learned so much from you!!! THANK YOU! I love UTEE...I like to stamp into it when still hot...

  5. Thanks Roni, some of these types of EP I have never tried. It is so wonderful to see what they are like before purchasing and then being disappointed because I was looking for different results.

  6. I am hoping your series on embossing powder will give me some inspiration to use some of those little jars sitting in my drawers :) Your comment re the Frosted Crystal and Perfect Pearls intrigues me -- can you give further information on this?


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