Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Gifts & Ornaments #3 - TH Suede Pinecones

Several people have e-mailed asking if I've ever made any and/or have any hints for making the pine cones from the Tim Holtz Sizzix Alterations Pine cone Die because they have such a time making them.

The answer to both is yes..... Today I will show you how to make different sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/2"  pine cones and a nifty base for your pine cones that will open up a variety of uses for them.  I will share an extra idea on how to really kick your pine cones up 2-3 notches!!  I can't's so cool!

So here you go ~

25 Gifts & Ornaments
#3 Suede Pine cones


Suede or Cardstock, Grunge board/paper, Pattern Paper, etc.
Sizzix Pine cone Die
Coffee Stirrer
Double Stick Tape
Glue Dot
(Optional) Wire, Bead, Ribbon


1. Cut desired number of pine cones from whatever material you'd like to use.  I am using a bit of suede dh got for me. 

2. Remember those coffee stirrers I told you about on Monday...they're back!  Wrap one end of the stirrer about 1"-2" up (depending on what size you want to make) with double stick tape.  Be sure to remove the line as you wind your way up the stirrer.

!! - By doing this you won't have to fight with the various layers of your pine cone trying to make them stay in place.  Simply wrap them and go.  Makes the whole process soooo much easier!


3. Start wrapping the pine cone with the outside end by pinching it around the very bottom of the stirrer.  You'll want the tip to extend a bit from the end of the stirrer as shown.

4. Now comes the various sizes...  Depending on how closely you wrap each layer and how many layers you add to the stirrer you can vary your pine cone from anywhere from 1/2" to 1 1/2" long!   For this particular pine cone I wrapped just a few layers for a tiny "new" cone.

5. Cut the remainder of the material from the wound pine cone and snip off the stirrer leaving about 1/4" extra for the stem.


Here are a few different sizes.  The center cone is the one shown above, the top cone was made with the remainder of that cone and the bottom is a full sized cone in the process of being wrapped.

6. Once you reach the very last layer of the pine cone you can use a glue-dot to secure the final petal.

7. If you've wrapped too much double stick tape you can now unwind it and snip it off as shown below.


8. (optional) If you'd like to add a bit of sparkle you can add Stickles or glitter to the edges of each layer. 


9. (Optional) Since we used the coffee stirrer for the base of the pine cone I have an nifty way to create a bunch of pine cones that could be used as an ornament for a tree, package, garland, etc. 

You need to first cut a 3-4" length of wire and put a little knot in one end. 
Thread on a bead....I'm using a vintage "faux" pearl for this example.


Thread the wire though the stirrer. 
Do so for each pine cone you'd like to add to your bunch. 
You can cut the wire to various lengths if you're making larger bunches.

TH PC 10

Gather all of your pine cones for the bunch and twist the wires together.

TH PC 11

Next, snip one of the evergreen sprigs (cut from the same die using felt) in half.
TH PC 12

Attach one to each side of the pine cone bunch using a glue dot.

TH PC 13

Add a ribbon and you're set to go!!

TH PC 14

Now, these are so much fun to make and use I thought it would be a nice idea to share the makin's for a few of your own pine cones!

TH PC Give-A-Way

If you'd like a chance to win this assortment of pine cone makin's simple post a comment telling us how you'd use the pine cones you can make with this little kit.

You have until 12-9-11 to post your comment!


  1. I would make them for a Christmas mini I am working on,
    Great directions ... need to play some more

  2. Roni -

    These are so cute. I need to get that die. As to what I'd like to make with them, I think a pair of earrings would be fun!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Those pine cones are awesome Roni! Bet they would look cool with the leather side up too. Would have a completely different look. I think they would look great tied to Christmas packages or used on napkin rings. Tied into swags or on wreaths or candles would be cool too. Lots of things you could use them for!

  4. Ha! Elaine has already said what I was thinking! These would make great Christmas jewelry! I was thinking a pin would be really cool!

  5. This is so nice of you not only to share this tutorial but to give us a chance to win some of the supplies. Thankyou! I would use mine on a Christmas ornament. Shari (cricutrookie)

  6. wow roni awesome!! ty for the chance to win..loves ya

  7. The pine cones are adorable! I would use the kit to make a couple to hang from the antlers of the little reindeer I put in the guest bathroom every year. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I would make them to attach to gift bags.

  9. I think they would look gorgeous grouped together with a big velvety red ribbon bow for the top of a 'wreath', the kind from pinterest (my new obsession) made from an ornate distressed frame.

    Very generous of you to offer a gift. And love the ornaments so far!

    Must get that die for next Xmas I think!!!

    Charli x
    proper-charli @mail .com

  10. Each year or two, I like to make some kind of unusual gift tag for family that they can then use as an ornament on their tree. My favorite one so far was taking a chipboard shape and covering them with Christmas clip art and the photo of grandparents. I do this for both my family and my husbands. That is what I would do with the pinecones. I think they would make great tree ornaments!

  11. I would actually attempt Tim's day 1 tag of the 2011 "12 Tags of Christmas". I have problems rolling the roses so I never purchased the pine cone die because I knew I'd have the same problem. LOL

  12. so much fun! I would use them on special cards and tags for gifts. thanks for the chance to win.
    stamping sue

  13. Nice tutorial! I'd use them to make a Christmas pin to wear and on special cards. :o)

  14. I would use them for package toppings with a pin back for an extra gift.

  15. I use them decorate the cover of a mini album or maybe a frame.

  16. They are just too cute. I would use them to decorate tags and bows on the gifts I wrap. they would make cute little ornaments for the tree, I would used them around my flame-less candles as a table centerpiece, I could use thm on decorative holiday napkin rings, jewelry, a pin....The list goes on and on and on. TFS


  17. I would use these in decorations around my house, including vignettes and napkin rings. Really cool pieces and great tutorial.

  18. Gosh, these are just toooooo cute! I'd use them for pretties on packages, cards, as lapel pins and tags. I read your directions two times, have some stir sticks and tape, so now if I could only win the dies, I'd be all set!

  19. I would hang them with my other acorn, mushroom and pinecone ornaments, and share them with my woodsy minded friends.

  20. These pinecones are so cool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. oh ths sticky tape must work better than glue! u genious you! lol...

  22. I would probably send the bunches to my sister as an early Christmas present, since she has kittens this year and needs some pretty non-breakable ornaments for the bottom third of her Christmas tree!

  23. Just love the pine cones! I would add a pin back and wear it on my winter coat.Lynn

  24. How did I miss this post???? Anywho, very cool Roni! We like to decorate real pincones for our Christmas tree, so much fun! Your pincones are so cool! I like the suede idea!

  25. somehow I missed this post too, but I would use the pinecones to make sweet little festive napkin rings for starters.

  26. love your closeup pic and instrutions! been having a hard time making tim's pine cones I have a glass raindeer I like to make a wreath to put around it's neck!

  27. Fabulous! Boy do I ever want this die! It's at the very top of my wish list!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!