Monday, November 7, 2011

Magical Tales

Good Monday Morning everyone!!

I hope you've all had a superb weekend!  Did you remember to re-set your clocks?  Did you go to bed way tired?  I know I sure did.  I did awake refreshed this a.m. though ~ 6:30 felt much later.  Isn't it wild how that works?  I wish they'd just leave it alone...Indiana's only been doing this a couple years and it still feels so foreign!

Today I wanted to share some magical tales...
mermaid tales/tails that is :)

I've been having some fun with some mermaid stamps from Third Coast Rubber Stamps.  I have always liked mermaids...when I was a kid I thought it would be fun to be one when I grew up ;) 

So here you go.....

My Treasure...
(I wish you could see how sparklie this is...I used Twinkling H20's to add highlights to the water and to color my mermaid.)

3C July - My Treasure

Beauty By the Sea....
(this one is my fav. of the 3)
(dh thinks she's slinky - lol!!!)

3C July - Beauty by the Sea

Merryn's Treasured Shore....

3C Aug - Merryn's  Treasured Shore

Makes me long for warm breezes and the sound of waves on a hot summers day!  Ahhhh well, guess I have to settle for the upper 40's and the sound of the rain hitting the roof....

Have a great day!


  1. Love your mermaid cards! Third Coast has some of the prettiest mermaid stamps I've found.

    My daughters and I pretended to be mermaids on our beach vacation this year; so much fun! That's why I just had to use mermaid tails on some of the ATCs for the swap. LOL!

  2. These are gorgeous Roni. What a beautiful jon you've done with them. Love mermaids, and these are just wonderful.

    Elaine Allen

  3. these are so pretty roni..i think my fave is the last one..the peaceful calm it gives me by looking at it..tfs..loves ya

  4. I'm with you and love mermaids!! Both of granddaughters wanted to be mermaids & we always played Mermaid Barbies in the tub! How fun...thanks for bringing back that special memory for me! I love your use of the cardstock on card 2...(also my fave!!)

  5. Roni, these are gorgeous! I am so impressed with the way you built these!! That's one type of stamp image that I don't have, mermaids!!

  6. Don't you just love 'building' your own scene? Third Coast has some amazing stuff! Btw, great job!


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