Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Ideas # 18 & 19

Man, things are wild here...missed yesterday totally and getting late tonite! Anyway, here is yesterdays and today's ideas...

25 Days of Gifts

# 18 - Stamped Suede

If you've never worked with suede before you should really give it a try. It's really amazing stuff - soft and supple yet very durable. Easy to work with - cuts like butter in die cut machines, is easily stamped (using a fabric ink or acrylic paint) and can be easily attached to a variety of projects without special adhesives.


#19 - Glazed Pendant

This is another favorite of mine BUT it is a bit of a pain when you hate waiting like I do. It is a glaze filled pendant. I love the fact that you can take a pendant jewelry blank, create a "cool" little collage in a short amount of time. The glaze (Diamond Glaze; Glossy Accent; Etc) makes a GREAT finished project but it takes FOREVER to dry. It never fails...I usually get impatient and end up touching at least one (to check if it's dry) before it's all the way dry OR I inadvertently move it and stick a finger in by accident. So if you can stand to wait for the finished product they are great little gems to make as gifts or even keep for yourself ;)


Hope you're all staying safe and warm...we're supposed to get a big ice storm tonight/tomorrow so if we still have electricity I'll see you with idea #20...if not ~ we'll I'll catch everyone up when it comes back on.

Till next we meet....

Stay Safe and have a Great Friday!!


  1. I've been thinking of you as this winter sets in. I know you typically get booted off the internet for days every winter and hope you are staying warm and cozy!

  2. LOL - Me, too. I usually put them out of the way to dry and then inadvertently set something on top that sticks like papers or (*blush*) my finger.

    LOL - A little while back I made someone's initials... (hint: R J) in two bottle caps plus one more general collage with watch pieces. Well, I goofed up the watch collage and the "R" came out backwards. *scratches head* I still haven't figured that one out b/c I used metal letter tiles that were reversible.

    I really do love these little collages, though. Jewelry blanks, bottle caps (a cropadile goes through the metal to make a hole for stringing, too!), metal lids, charms, typewriter keys... so many creative options. And, I find that they are easy and fast to make. Just put them somewhere safe to dry - you've been warned by BOTH of our mistakes!!

  3. Thanks Karen! Well knock on wood we've been lucky so far. I'm a bit worried though cause we're supposed to be getting lots of snow over the next few days. The weight of the snow added to the weight of the ice is really going to put quite a strain on the trees around here. I was hoping it would get warm so the ice would have a chance to melt but doesn't look like it's going to happen.

  4. Phinny ~ LOL....yep, I've laid things on top of them's so easy to forget.

    Oh no - LOL!! Well, you know it's original ~ I'm sure RJ will still like it ;)


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