Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gift Idea #4 - Monogram Letters

25 Days of Gifts

#4 - Monogram Letters

Monogram letters make PERFECT gifts - they can be personalized obviously by the letters or words you choose but you can personalize them further by using the recipients favorite colors, themes and more!


Don't let yourself get tied down to just covering them with pattern paper either. You can incorporate many different mediums with a bit of planning before you begin. For example on the "B" I knew I wanted to use Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Distress Crackle Paints and Dimensional Pearls so I had to do a bit of prep work first. The upper sections where the AI's were going to be used was covered with Glossy Paper, the center where the crackle paints were applied was first painted with a coordinating acrylic dabber and the bottom was left as is (no special prep needed for the dimensional pearls.).


On this example I used a combination of pattern papers (love this paper!!!) and Distress Crackle Paints. I made a few altered bottle caps incorporating paper from the same line, stamped images and Sepia, Crackle & Glossy Accents.


And finally these were painted with Dimensional Pearls. Yes, you can use them as paint as well as in dimensional applications. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed! It doesn't show up in the photo but IRL these letters have a wonderful pearly shimmer that regular acrylic paint just can't top.

SIWL - Jen

So there you have a few more ideas to kick your gift muse in gear ;)

Have a great day!!


  1. These are great! My boys might enjoy having their personalized initial on their bedroom wall... thank you for these low cost, handmade gift ideas, Roni!Erin Glee

  2. LOVE these!!

    Hey - what's the patterned paper line that you love so much? Is it My Minds Eye, by chance? If so, I love that pack, too, but more the greens and blues and the orange and pink ends. If it's the same pack, that will make sense. If it's a different one, I want to check it out. Thx.

    Yer great, Roni. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Love the tip about painting with dimensional pearls! I have some liquid pearls that I always thought HAD to be used dimensionally (LOL) and now I'm going to try them out as paint!

  4. Love the monograms! Thanks Roni for sharing such terrific gifts!

  5. Fan-flipping-tastic stuff, i love these letters,and what you've done with them, just a shame there nowhere to be found to buy in the UK, or i'm just not looking in the right places lol


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