Monday, December 8, 2008

Gift Idea #10 - Memory Glass Ornament

25 Days of Gifts

#10 - Stamped Memory Glass Ornament!

Here is a fun gift idea that many of you will be able to create without having to purchase any new supplies! It's a Memory Glass ornament that has been colored, stamped & embossed then wired up with a few beads.



Memory Glass - Ranger

Adirondack Alcohol Inks & Metallic Mixatives - Ranger

Distress Embossing Ink - Ranger

Distress EP's - Ranger

White Pigment Ink - Ranger

Rubber Stamp - TAC

Stipple Brush

Wire & Beads - Unknown


1. Apply desired colors of AI on the back side of the Memory Glass. If you choose to use Metallic Mixatives use only a very small amount. Since we will be turning the piece over and Metallic Mixatives sink to the bottom if you use a large qty. that's all you're going to see on the flip side.

2. Once the AI's have dried completely, flip the Memory Glass over. Stamp the image with the white pigment ink. Let dry or speed drying w/heat tool.

3. Pounce Distress Embossing Ink around the edges of the Memory Glass using a stipple brush. Sprinkle Distress EP's (color(s) of your choice) over the wet embossing ink. Heat to set. Let cool completely.

4. Once the Distress EP has cooled, rub off release crystals.

5. Wrap wire around ornament as desired...add beads or baubles that match your color scheme as you go.

Now, just think of your stamp collection and all of the amazing designs you can come up with!! The really cool thing is there are several sizes of Memory Glass available as well. I like the 2x2 size but it's also ava. in 1x1; 1.5x1.5; and 1x3. I have used actual microscope slides for this project as well. Besides the 1x3 they are available in 2x3 and now 3x3!! Way cool possibilities!

What fun!!


  1. Another fantastic piece of artwork - thank you

  2. This is great! I've already started my own...just trying to figure out what beads I'll use and how to wrap the wire to the back also looks decent. Thanks for another awesome idea!

  3. Fantastic! I do indeed have lots of memory glass and micro slides. And, better yet, I just found my kit of alcohol inks. They were packed away for the move and I couldn't find them. Oh - and I have the full set of AI, too. So this is a fantastic idea.

    The one reason I tend to not work with glass is the pain of sealing the edges with copper tape and soldering, UTEE and the melt pot, etc. So I LOVE your technique of doing one layer and then using EP for the edges. Now that I can do b/c it's quick and easy. So thanks for that "light bulb" moment.

    Very cool!

  4. I had to add another post...I tried making my own ornament...not as nice as Roni's, but it was fun to do and fairly quick to make.
    I posted mine here:

  5. Whoops, I posted my Memory glass comment in the wrong section...but just wanted to say that I really want to try this one out and break in (but not literally) my Memory glass and microscope slides!

  6. I know I've already commented on this wonderful piece but just wanted to say a huge thank you to Roni for the fabulous book that I won in the blog candy (the heart shaped book dad cut) it arrived this morning - I am delighted

  7. wow now that is an awesome idea for a gift....guess I'll be making some over the weekend.....tahnks for sharing.

  8. I really love this.
    Would be great to use as jewellery.


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