Monday, December 15, 2008

Gift Idea #16 - Beeswax Canvas

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Gift Idea #16 -Beeswax Canvas

Hey there everyone!
I hope you all had wonderful weekends! It was good here...busy but good.
Today I have another of my favorite gift ideas to share with you ~ a beeswax collage on canvas. It is so much fun and despite what alot of people think beeswax is very forgiving. It can easily be heated up and removed if you make a mistake :)
I have added some stamped UTEE pieces as well as a few mica pieces with their edges dipped into the hot UTEE.
Both canvases were inked with Distress Inks prior to adding the beeswax.




I wanted to answer a couple of questions I got on the blue jean frames.
The stitches were real - I just free-handed it but if you want to be more precise you can always use tailors chalk and a measuring stick before you stitch. You could easily hand stitch them as well but I suck at it so I wouldn't attempt it myself - LOL!!
I double over the edges and adhered them just to the front. I couldn't figure out a good way to attach the material to the back, cover it up and still have the photo hole accessible without alot of extra work. I also am going to try one with frayed edges! My plan...I'm going to cut a patch of denim out approx. 3-4" larger than I need. I am going to partially fray it then wash & dry it which should fray it even further. Attach it to the frame and ta-da! A worn looking denim frame :)
Hope that helps and if I've missed a question please let me know...I'd be happy to help however I can!
Have a wonderful evening friends!


  1. Hi, Is there any way to download the directions for these projects?

  2. These are go-Ge-ous, Roni. You are so talented.

    I confess that beeswax is another area I have the supplies for, but have not ventured into yet. I am reading and exploring, but am concerned with the time and the mess. Is it very messy? Do you use the iron, the melt pot and an old paintbrush or...?

    I will venture into this territory eventually. You offer great inspiration, as always. Thanks!!

  3. So I am assuming that you painted the canvas with beeswax after you inked it...and then smooshed the collage pieces into the warm wax?!Do you use a heat gun to warm up the wax??! I love the look, but I'm afraid to try it!! My one attempt at embossing on UTTEE was such a disaster.

  4. I really love all the different elements on teh canvas and it's such a terrific design. Love it!! x

  5. Love the beeswax canvas, would it be possible to get instructions.


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