Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gift Idea #12 - Perfect Pearl Ornaments

25 Days of Gifts

#12 - Perfect Pearl Ornaments

Here is another favorite gift of ornaments which have been decorated with perfect pearls on the inside and glitzy goodies on the outside! I've actually got 3 different examples to share with you.

Basic Ball Instructions:

The inside of the balls were all made in the same fashion....first let me say this isn't the same instructions that I've seen lots of places. These are what I did and it worked well for me - if you want you can always google for the other directions but there are some extra steps that I just don't find necessary.

1. Remove the ornament stopper and set it aside for now.

2. Squirt your favorite liquid adhesive into the ball and add a 1 or 2 drops of water. I use the old Magic Scraps glue because I love that stuff but you can use whatever you're comfortable with.

3. Now, shake the heck out of it...with your finger over the hole of course ;) LOL!!! You're mixing the glue/water as well as coating the entire inside of the ball.

4. Once the inside has been completely coated, place the ball hole down in an egg carton (you can work on several balls at one time this way) and let the excess drain for a couple minutes. (it's not nec. for the glue to dry)

5. After most of the liquid has drained out, add a couple scoops of Perfect Pearls - I sometimes add one color at a time or I may add 2 or 3 colors at once. I have these handy dandy little scoopers I use but ice cream sticks work great for this as well.

6. Now, shake the heck out of it want to coat the entire inside of the ball with PP's. If you need more powder add it. After it's been coated, turn it upside down in the egg carton to dry.

That's it... If you notice spots of the ball that weren't covered with PP's the first time you can always add a bit more where needed.

Now for the outside - you can add a bit of bling! Guys even like some bling in their life so don't leave them out!

Here you go....

This one reminds me of the retro ornaments that have glitter drizzled along the top edge but instead of glitter, I added dimension by using Glossy Accents and Mirco Beads!

Summer CHA 08009

Summer CHA 08008

I know, you don't have a tree for Hanukkah BUT who says you have to hang it on a can hang them from a window, in a door way, or where ever.

I know someone sells lines of crystals but I did this the old fashion way and glued them on one by one...yes it was time consuming but it looks so cool.

Summer CHA 08006

Summer CHA 08007

This one took a bit of time as well...I drew the lines on the ball free hand with a Sharpie then went back over them with Stickles. I think I added 2 or 3 lines, let them dry and continued adding 2 or 3 at a time until the entire ball was covered. After it was completely dry I added the feathers which were left-over Valentines Day trim I bought on clearance at some point.

Summer CHA 08010

Summer CHA 08011

Of course you can personalize these balls for anyone on your gift list and you're not limited to sparkles for the outside decor...I've seen people add collage images; stickers; charms and more. Just take a stroll through your stash and see what you come up with. You might be surprised at all of the goodies you have lurking that could be used on one of these great little gifts!

Have a stupendous day people!


  1. These are gorgeous!! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, as I just purchase some nekkid ornaments to make pretty!

  2. Beautiful - I love the one with the feather boa the best!

  3. OMG - you just saved my bacon, Roni. With everything going on and my mom in the skilled nursing home until just before New Year's (and my bank account at an all time low), well, I just realized I didn't have a Christmas gift for mom. I've started an altered book for her, but it's a big project and I don't think I can get it done in the next two weeks. BUT, and this is what you reminded me of - I bought all of the supplies for these ornaments already many months ago. I was going to make these for my mom this summer for her b-day. So now I can do them in probably one night and have them ready in plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Oh - and the twist you've added is decorating the outside of the balls. Love it! That makes them even more special and I can personalize my gifts, too. Very cool. Love what you've done with yours.

  4. AWESOME!!!! I love these. Thanks so much for all the joy you've brought me in particular.


  6. Love the ornaments!! My fav is the boa one!! Adorable!!

  7. What an outstanding idea! I love the first one! I am gonna make some :)

  8. LOL! The ornament with the little fur collar is my favorite!It reminds me a little girl in her white fur cap and muff!

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