Friday, December 5, 2008

Gift Idea #7 - Photo Blocks

25 Days of Gifts

#7 - Photo Blocks

Today I want to share a great gift for parents and grandparents blocks! My dad actually made the wood box and blocks for me but there are several sets available. If you can't find a plain set of blocks children's ABC blocks work just as well!


You can actually use as many or as few blocks as desired. This set has 25 blocks...too many for your first time but I have seen smaller sets with 9 or 16 blocks that also look great. You will have to do a bit of math when figuring out what size to print your photos and how to cut them but the most important thing to remember....measure twice cut once! To be safe it's good to have 2 copies of your photo on hand just in case.


I used Mod Podge to apply each photo tile to the blocks. It worked great but I did spray all sides with an acrylic sealer just to be safe since they will be handled quite a bit. Now you have a couple options on how you adhere the photo tiles to the blocks...if you want to be nice, you can apply the photos so you just turn each block the same way and it will make a complete photo - so all of picture A's tiles are on one side of the block and all of picture B's tiles are on the reverse OR you could be a bit mean (like I was) and mix it all turns out like a real puzzle that way ;) Makes 'em work for it!


You will also want to have a "guide" showing all of the photos contained on the blocks...a cheat sheet just in case they have a tough time of it - LOL!! Don't want to make it toooo tough.

Time to complete will vary depending on the number of blocks but it could take several days to a couple weeks because you have to allow for dry time for each side of the block plus any additional coats of decoupage medium and/or sealer. Just keep that in mind when you are thinking about gift'll need to plan it in advance.


Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I just had to play catch up because I have been away for three days!!! Your ideas are outstanding and I love the monogram letters!!!! Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Those photo blocks are amazing and would be such a great gift!

  3. This really is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing with us. x

  4. Oh WOW this is the coolest thing ever, i have seen some blocks altered before but not this way, very very cool x


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