Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Idea #13 - Stamped Memory Glass Collage

25 Days of Gifts

#13 - Stamped Memory Glass Collage

I had a request for more Memory Glass ideas so here you go ~ this collage is made up entirely of stamped and alcohol inked Memory Glass!

Family - Stamped Memory Glass Collage 001

You will need a pretty deep frame - the one I used actually had several mats included which would set that photo back about 1 1/2" from the glass. It doesn't nec. have to be that deep but you will need some working room for the layer of glass and micro beads.

Once you have your frame picked out you will need to arrange the glass pieces to see what will be where. This determines what and where you stamp on each section.

After you have a workable design, make a hand drawn diagram, take a photo or something so you can remember how they should be arranged.... Trust me on this ~ it's very easy to forget exactly how they are all supposed to fit back together!

Next, apply alcohol ink to the back of each piece ~ you could use a couple colors or a whole array. Whatever floats your boat :)

Once they are dry, flip them over and stamp a variety of image onto the front of each piece. The themes here could vary from family, animals, seasons, or just geometric designs. You're only limited by the stamps you have on hand. I used Archival Ink but Staz-on works as well.

Next, adhere each piece of Memory Glass to the backing board with a fast set glue. Only place dabs of glue along the edges in case it reacts with the AI.

After these pieces are set, squeeze Glossy Accents around each of the pieces and all of the edges. You basically want just about the entire area covered. Sprinkle micro beads over the GA and let dry.

NOTE: this may take up to a day or two for it to dry completely since there is so much used...don't go pokin' your finger in it for at least a day ;)

Family - Memory Glass

Place it in the frame and it's ready to go!

Fun huh? And easy too!

Well, we're over half way through the list ~ I hope you're enjoying these ideas and maybe give one or two of them a try!!


  1. Wow this is beautiful I love what you have done and the family down the bottom perfect

  2. Perfect timing! I just bought some memory glass and was debating on how to use it up. This is beautiful :)

  3. I really like this one - I would not have thought to put the memory glass into a frame! Nice finished look!


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