Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gift Idea #21 - Distressed Mirror

25 Days of Gifts

#21 - Distressed Mirror

Now, I know what you're thinking...

sand paper;

Distress Inks;

worn and weathered








This is a fun and funky mirror that I embossed with Distress Embossing Powders!!!

Now, I don't think it looks worn and weathered in the least. By using a variety of powders and adding the gemstones I think it's pretty cool!

Distress EP's - Hanging Mirror

This was a small metal mirror that I bought at Hobby Lobby. Inked the entire frame with Distress Embossing Ink, sprinkled a variety of powders over the whole thing and heated. I went back and added walnut stain Distress EP's around the edge. After it was all cooled I sanded off the high spots where the metal was embossed; added the ribbon & gems. Way easy and neat results.

So, are you all ready for Christmas?

We went shopping for a few more goodies today. Just need to get some treats for the stockings and I think I'll be done :)

I'm planning on writing up the instructions for the beeswax collage that I shared earlier and should have them posted tomorrow for anyone interested.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Love the mirror - the embossed powder really "glams" it up in a distressed way!

    Me - I am all shopped, decorated and baked - now I need to wrap... But I have 4 full days... I'll be ready in plenty of time!

  2. This is great! I love the colors. I would have stuck with my usual browns and yellows, maybe some red. I love what you did, though. It's a great look!

    I am getting a bunch of things ready to schlep over to the nursing home on Christmas Eve night. I had the dogs groomed and will dress them in their holiday finery - Christmas bandannas and coats. I am bringing a little CD player so we can listen to the music we like. I am bringing a gi-gantor tray of Christmas cookies (from Costco - you know the ones) for us and to leave for the staff. I am bringing egg nog, fruit cake (bletch! LOL - my mom loves that stuff!), deviled eggs and sandwiches. And I am bringing stockings filled with little wrapped presents like a calendar and a tea mug, etc. I will haveg presents for the dogs open, too which is the most fun of all - some little toys and some smelly, yummy turkey jerky and Charlie Bears. They will love that - especially since they can gobble up their prizes when they get their presents opened. (note to self: remember to bring the digital camera!!)

    This will be the first Christmas without my dad so I am actually glad mom is still in the nursing home. I think it will be better if we do it totally different than in years past. And hopefully we can have a nice evening together and enjoy the holiday in a new way. I am actually looking forward to it now.

    Oh - and the best thing of all is an altered book I made my mom about her and my relationship with her. She's not very sentimental, but I hope she likes it and can see the time and love I put into it.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Roni and my Ink Stained friends!!

  3. Love the colours and you certainly had me
    I can't wait for the beeswax instructions.
    Have a happy holiday and great new year. Off cruising to new Zealand and will check in again in 2009!!!!
    Caryl K

  4. Hi Roni! I love the "Distressed" mirror! Have you just invented Distressed Glamour?
    Thank you for that link to the ebay Bamboo placemats... the seller was very flexible and said I could order four colors, not all the same! I was prepared to work out a swap with interested Ink Stained people, but they accomodated me. I'll let you know how the transaction ends up when I get those tiles safe in my hot little hands!
    Happy Holidays to All!

  5. This mirror is magical! Love the colors and the effect with the embossing powders. The hanging "jewels" just finish it off perfectly. This would be a gorgeous tree ornament. Don't know what the mirror looked like before you glammed it up, but it is amazing now.

  6. Love your mirror and want to wish you a very merry Christmas.

  7. Roni~I have so enjoyed all your holiday posts! This mirror is wonderful. I see you haven't posted in a few days...sending prayers all is well and just busy!
    Merry Christmas!...Jan

  8. I LOVE THIS! Thanks for the fantastic idea!


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