Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where to find 100% Rayon Seam Binding

I have had lots of questions about where to find 100% Rayon Seam Binding.

I tell you to be honest the only place I've ever bought it is on-line.  I live in a VERY small town (one stop light) so we don't have anywhere locally to purchase it. 

I originally bought the vintage seam binding (the one that has the gauze-y look) from someone who had a bunch of it on e-bay out of New York.  I checked and it's all gone now so for the vintage stuff I have no clue.

New Rayon Seam Binding can be found at most large fabric/sewing stores or LOADS of places on line.  Here are a few links....

Etsy ~  Zipper Stop

The Sewing Place (for smaller qty)

Alpha Stamps (smaller qty) (scroll down)

Schiff Ribbons (says it's vintage!)

Hope that helps :)


  1. ooo geee thanks!!! yipeee I will just order some from Amazon...this is great!!!

  2. I'm glad you posted this. I, also was wondering.


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