Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs

Today I promised I'd share a little something to help fill the little origami Easter Basket we made yesterday.  We're going to start off by decorating some eggs with Tim Holtz's Tissue Tape!

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 001


Tissue Tape or Other Masking type tape
Eggs (hard boiled or blown)
Distress Inks (optional)


1. Tear desired patterns of tape into small sections...I kept mine to about 1/2" in size.  It makes it easier to smooth the tapes out when working with the rounded contours of your egg.

I used 3 different patterns of Tissue Tape plus a pink and white stripped tape.  I think that is Making Memories but I don't really remember anymore.

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 003

2. Begin layering the tapes on the egg.  Overlap the pieces of tape a bit to help hold the previous piece down.

TIP: When working with Tissue Tape you will notice it has a tendency to peel up at the edges and can be very frustrating at times.  I found that if I hold the taped sections of the egg in the palm of my hand as I apply more tape it helps the tape stay put.  I don't know if it's due to body heat or ???  but it does seem to work.

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 006

TIP: From time to time you may have a piece of tape that just won't stay put usually due to a contour issue (usually because my piece of tape is too long).  I have found that if I make a "relief cut" in the tape where there is a problem I can smooth down both sides separately it solves my sticking problem.

  Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 007

3. Continue applying bits of Tissue Tape until the entire egg has been covered.

And your egg will turn out similar to this one....

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 008


For another look I simply applied some Distress Inks to the tape before I tore it into pieces.  After the ink dries, tear into pieces and apply it to the egg.

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 010

And here are my finished eggs in the little basket!

Tissue Tape Easter Eggs 013

I've got more fun Easter ideas on the way so be sure to check back tomorrow!
Till then ~ have a wonderfully inky day friends!!


  1. Roni- I just read yesterday on Tim's blog if you have a problem with the tape staying down, add a bit of glue stick to that area. Just another alternative, thought I'd share. Awesome ideas you have. Thank so much for the inspiration. KimB

  2. Roni -

    These look great! Like the papier mache eggs but without the mess! Love how they look.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Cool! Thanks for the neat idea! They're wonderfully fun!

  4. Very clever indeed!

  5. What an awesome idea Roni! You are a never ending source of inspiration. Oh btw, your Steampunk Stamps arrived! Too cool! Am playing around with some neat ideas for using them to make polymer clay jewelry. Will let you know if I end up with something cool. Thanks again!


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