Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small Origami Easter Basket

This coming weekend is Easter so I thought I'd spend the rest of this week sharing a few little projects to give you some last minute ideas. 

Today I wanted to share a folded origami Easter Basket.  Actually it's very similar to an old hat we used to make as kids but less folding and a little adhesive to make it quicker ;)  I think they are quick enough that you could make multiples in a very short time lending themselves very well to be used as name/place cards for your Easter gathering.

I like to use double sided paper or cardstock for this little project but of course you can use whatever you have on hand. 

Folded Easter Basket 002


1 - 12x12 sheet of double sided pattern paper
Easter Grass/Basket Filler
Stamps (optional)
Scrap Cardstock


1. Fold your paper in half going corner to opposite corner so you end up with a large triangle.

Folded Easter Basket 003

2. Add a dab of adhesive in one of the long pointy corners and fold it over so it is adhered to the opposite side of the triangle as shown.

Folded Easter Basket 004

3. Flip the paper over so you are looking at the back side.

4. Apply a dab of adhesive in the remaining corner and fold it over to meet the opposite side as you did the first.

Folded Easter Basket 005

5. Now pop open the points at the top of your of the folded basket.  Fold one to the front and one to the back sides of your basket.  This is where your double sided paper really shines!

Folded Easter Basket 007

6. To make your basket stand up you're going to grip both of the corners and push it open.  When you do so you want to fold the two bottom points under (similar to a french fry box) as shown...

Folded Easter Basket 009

TIP: To help press the folded bottom well and make my basket level I set it on it's bottom then place a bottle, glass, jar or other round object inside.  You can then adjust the folds as needed.  As you can see from the photo I'm using my squirt bottle for this basket.

Folded Easter Basket 010

7. Now you're ready for decorations.  You can personalize these very quickly with this nifty little stamped banner.  Simply stamp your desired name or sentiment; cut the letters apart and snip the bottom of each letter as desired.

Folded Easter Basket 011

Folded Easter Basket 012

8. If desired, ink the edges of each letter.  Fold the upper portion of each letter over and glue the letters to a bit of ribbon, fiber or twine.  This will form your little banner.

Folded Easter Basket 013

9.  Attach the banner to the front of your basket, fill with decorative Easter Grass or other shredded paper and add other embellishments as desired.   You can keep it simple or get as elaborate as you wish. 

Folded Easter Basket 014

Folded Easter Basket 015

I've got a couple ideas I'm going to share in the next couple days on how to decorate some eggs to fill your little basket so be sure to check back for more fun Easter decorating ideas :)


  1. Roni - you always have something fun to make .... love my visits here.
    Sandra ltb

  2. this is fantastic! You're attention to detail is wonderful! :D

  3. Adorable! Oh, & I love your card at Ranger Ink!

  4. Hello my friend! I hope you are doing well. I have a contest on my blog you might like :). Or might like to share with your readers :).

  5. How cool! I love it! love that paper too!

  6. Your Easter basket is just super cute and easy as you show us how to make it. Thank You! I love the little banner you attached with ribbon. So adorable. You truly are talented and so very generous. Happy creating days to you my dear...

  7. Roni -

    Love, love, love this adorable project! How freaking cute is this?!! Thanks so much for posting this Roni.

    Elaine Allen

  8. Ack..this is just adorable!!! Love, love, love it!

  9. quick, easy, and adorable..just what i needed for my 2 grands by friday..lol..tfs..loves ya

  10. This is so great, I think i'll have a go, you make it look so easy!

  11. What a cute basket... i love origami


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