Friday, April 8, 2011

Just For Fun Friday - A Little Coffee with Your Jelly Beans?'s that for a wild title?

Got your attention though didn't it ;)

Well it's Just For Fun Rubber Stamps Friday and I originally was going to make a couple Easter cards.  I created the first card and was rummaging around in my JFF stamps and decided to make another card using the same design with totally different stamps just to show how versatile individual card designs can be.  

JFF - 4-8 - Roni 003

and here is the second very different card using the same design....  the heart looks fuzzy because I used some Distress Stickles to highlight and give it a bit of sparkle.

JFF - 4-8 - Roni 004

I haven't had much time to think up and create new card sketches but this got me to thinking about them again.  I believe I'm going to try to make some time each week and post one along with my JFF cards each Friday.  I know lots of people really like having sketches to refer to so be on the look out for more in the near future!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. That's a great sketch and I love both of your cards!

  2. There are those adorable bunnies again, so darn cute! And anything with coffee is wonderful in my book. You can't ever have enough coffee! Awesome cards Roni!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Nice cards :) cute bunnies. And I agree with Elaine, anything is good with coffee! And same for Jelly beans :)

  4. I loves my coffee...but not so much on the jelly beans! Unless there with this sweet little bunny card! Happy Firday to you too Roni!!

  5. Both cards will be in my furture. Using differient stamps since I don't have the ones you used, and differient paper, ink etc. I can copy and no one will guess. lol
    great sketch.
    Thanks Roni

  6. I, too, like card sketches. You can do so much with them.


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