Saturday, April 9, 2011

Design Time Saturday

For the last few months Saturday's have been Stickles Saturdays.  Well, I like to keep things fresh so I'm shakin things up a bit and going to start something new...
I'm going to post various cards highlighting various designs and design elements.  Basically I'm going to break down design elements of a card, show you how the elements work together and more that are easy to recreate. 

So Saturdays (for a while) will now be Design Time Saturday. 

Today's design is plays a bit with vertical and horizontal elements.  Starting in the very background of the card you have a combo of the yellow and blue cardstock seperated vertically with a piece of black ribbon... 

The next layer up is an intense layer of inks (applied with the ink blending tool) in the same shades as the cardstock and stamped script creating a horizontal layer. 

And finally the main image combines both a horizontal and vertical feel due to the stamp design it's self but it's emphasised by the use of multiple colors of ink. 

By combining all of these elements together it draws the eye in and creates dimension and interest where there may not be otherwise.

Note: Stamps - Just For Fun Rubber Stamps; Inks - Nick Bantock Dye Inks; Tools - Ink Blending Tool & Foam.

Growing Old Birthday Card

I hope you give my little horizontal/vertical trick a try during your next crafting session.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to reproduce this type of design element and by how much it changes the feel of your card.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm lovin' the new theme for Saturdays!! I liked Stickles Saturday too..but changes are good! Keeps the mind fresh.

  2. Really beautiful card Roni!

  3. I like this card :) thanks.
    I finished my arch book too, if anyone would like to see, just check out my blog :) thanks so much for that too!

  4. What a gorgeous card...LOVE it! I will definitely try this technique!

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  6. Hi, Roni, you have so inspired me that I have nominated you for the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD. Come on over to my blog to grab the award and get the details!

  7. oooo a must try!!! what an inspiration u are roni..tfs..loves ya

  8. Ooh... I especially love the "What's brewing?" card...


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