Friday, April 1, 2011

April Holidays & Observances!


Flower: Daisies and Sweet Peas


Aries / The Ram, Mar. 21 - Apr. 19

Taurus / The Bull, Apr. 20 - May 20

Birthstone: Diamond and/or White Sapphire


American Cancer Society Month

Autism Awareness Month

Community Spirit Days
Daisy Flower Month

Florida Tomato Month

Holocaust Remembrance Month

International Guitar Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

Month of the Young Child

National BLT Sandwich Month

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

National Food Month

National Frog Month

National Garden Month

National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

National Humor Month

National Pecan Month

National Poetry Month

National Recycling Month

National Smile Month

National Soft Pretzel Month

Pets are Wonderful Month

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Stress Awareness Month

Straw Hat Month

Tackle Your Clutter Month
Thai Heritage Month

Woodworking Month
Zam! Zoo and Aquarium Month

Week One

Astronomy Week

Be Kind to Spiders Week

Cherry Blossom Festival

National Bake Week (begins 1st Mon)

National Reading a Road Map Week

Scoop the poop week

Straw Hat Week

Week Two

Be Kind to Animals Week

National Garden Week

National Guitar Week

Reading is Fun week

Week Three

Bike Safety Week

Boys and Girls Club Week

National Bubblegum Week

National Coin Week

National Secretary week

National Week of the Ocean

Pan American Week

Week Four

Big Brothers/Sisters Appreciation Week

Egg Salad Week / always 1st week after Easter

Forest Week

Jewish Heritage Week

Keep America Beautiful Week

National YMCA Week

Teacher Appreciation Week (begins Last Mon)


April 1

Apple Computer Birthday 1976

April Fools Day

International Tatting Day

Invention of Sliced Bread Day (1954)

National Sourdough Bread Day

April 2

Fun at Work Day

National Ferret Day

National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

Sweet Potato Day

Yo-Yo Day

April 3

American Circus Day

Find a Rainbow Day

National Chocolate Moose Day


Tweed Day

April 4

Chocolate Milk Powder Day (1828)

World Rat Day  (??!?!?)

April 5

Bell Bottoms Day

Dandelion Day

Fun at Work Day

National Caramel Day

National Read a Road Map Day

Rubber Eraser Day

Stories Day

April 6

Fresh Tomato Day

National Caramel Popcorn Day

National Tartan Day
(United States, Scotland, Canada Australia, New Zealand)

Post-It Notes Birthday (1980)

TV Dinner Birthday (1954)

April 7

National Coffee Cake Day

No House work Day

World Health Day

April 8

Astronomy Day

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

National Empanada Day

Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day

Zoo Lovers Day

April 9

Araw ng Kagitingan, a.k.a. Bataan Day

Name Yourself Day

National Cherish an Antique Day

April 10

Cinnamon Crescent Day

Golfers Day

National Sibling Day

April 11

Barbershop Quartet Day

Eight Track Tape Day

National Cheese Fondue Day

School Librarians Day

April 12

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!!

National Licorice Day

Walk on Your Wild Side Day

April 13

Blame Someone Else Day

National D.A.R.E. Day

National Peach Cobbler Day

Scrabble Day

April 14

International Moments of Laughter Day

National Pecan Day

Titanic Shipwrecked

April 15

Art History Day

Go Fly a Kite Day

Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday

Mc Donald's Opened (1955)

National Auctioneers Day

Rubber Eraser Day

Swallow Day (UK)

Take a Wild Guess Day

April 16

Day of the Mushroom

High Five Day

National Eggs Benedict Day

National Stress Awareness Day

April 17

Blah! Blah! Blah ! Day

National Cheese Ball Day

Daffy Duck's Birthday (1937)

April 18

Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906

International Jugglers Day

National Animal Cracker Day

Paul Revere Day

April 19

Amaretto Day

Astronomy Day

Garlic Day

Humorous Day

April 20

Cuckoo Day (UK)

Food Day

Look Alike Day

Make A Quilt Day

National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

April 21

Kindergarten Day (1837)

Red Baron Day

San Jacinto Day (Texas, 1874)

St. George's Day (Newfoundland)

April 22

April Showers Day

Earth Day

Jelly Bean Day

April 23

Conch Republic Independence Celebration
(Key West, Florida –Conch Republic Founded 1982)

Picnic Day

William Shakespeare's Birthday (1564)

World Book & Copyright Day

April 24

National Puppetry Day

Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

April 25

(Australia and New Zealand)

Arbor Day

National Crayola Day

National Telephone Day

National Zucchini Bread Day

Red Hat Society Day

April 26

Hug a Friend Day

Hug an Australian Day

National Bird Day

National Pretzel day

National Static Cling Day

Richter Scale Day

April 27

Morse Code Day

Mule Day

National Arbor Day
(Actual date varies by state)

Prime Rib Day

April 28

Gone-ta-pott Day

Kiss your mate day

National Blueberry Pie Day

National Hairball Awareness Day
(I hope this means Cat Hairballs!)

Poetry Reading Day

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

April 29

National Shrimp Scampi Day

April 30

International Walk Day

Mr. Potato Head Day

National Oatmeal cookie day

Raisin Day

Now, to help celebrate April and Spring I have a set of stamps and a nice little assortment of flowers looking for a new home!

April Goodies 003

To enter to win, simply post a comment telling us what you would name yourself  if you could...  (Name Yourself Day April 9th).

You have until April 16th to post your new chosen name to be entered to win!!

Good Luck Friends
Happy April!!! 


  1. I always wished my name was Megan. I was going to name my daughter Megan, but I had a son, so that didn't work.

  2. I'm glad you didn't ask us to pick a favorite day...there's just too many faves in April!!!

    My Mom wanted to name me June..(yes, I was born in June) and I'm thinking she meant June Cleaver (with beads to wear everyday..NOT!) So, I'm a idea why!

    I've always wanted my name to be Sarah. No idea why, I just love that name. Maybe I'll secretly call myself Sarah...!!

  3. When I was a kid I was jealous of my younger sister because her name is a combination of my mother's middle name and my father's middle name. So I will say 'LeAnn'.

    What a fun thing to 'celebrate'.

  4. I'm pretty pleased with my name so why change ;)

  5. I've loved reading the huge list of observances. Its simply amazing.

    I don't know what I would name myself. I've always wanted a name that could be shortened. So something like Saffron or Saffy for short.



  6. Hi Roni -

    Well I'm not going to choose the name my father wanted for me, Olive. Not Olivia, but Olive. Thank god my Mom stopped him. I shiver at thoughts of Olive Oyl-and believe me, Olive Oyl I am NOT! I'm pretty happy with my name, I would probably reverse my first name with my middle name though. I was named after my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. But because I would get confused when they called my name (my grandmother lived with us), my family called me by my middle name. In school and in work I had to go by my first name, it just got so confusing. So instead of Virginia Elaine, I'd change it Elaine Virginia. Actually I wouldn't even have minded the Virginia if people called me Ginny, but for some reason, folks used to call me Virgy and you don't want to know what the boys called me - LOL!

    Elaine Allen (aka Virginia)

  7. I like the name Rachel. It sounds so pretty. I also like Rose--that's what I named my daughter. I think it's even prettier! Hi Rose. WRE

  8. My dad wanted to name me Heather, but my mother didn't want me named after what she considered to be a weed, so she nipped that in the bud (no pun intended). I've often wondered if I'd be the same me, with a different name (even though I know a rose is still a rose by any other name). If I could name myself I'd probably choose the name I was given, but I can't help wondering if life would have been different as a Heather.

  9. If I did have to name myself,I would choose Thressa in honor of my mother. Thressa was her given first name but, she was always referred to by her second name and she regretted it her entire life.

  10. I have always loved names that when shortened were boys names, like Sam for Samantha, which is why I named my daughter Andie (Andrea). I would love to have an old fashioned name like Wilhelmina (my great-grandmother's name) and be called something tomboyish like "Billy."

  11. Morag or Morgana, something old that has a lot of history. Morag especially has always fascinated me. Alas it was not to be, LOL

  12. I suppose i could have been called April as I was born in April... as a child I had wanted a new name because mine was so plain and boring... but now traditional is a good thing and my name's meaning is something to aspire to... so I wouldn't change my name... my first name that is!!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. What a tough question...I can't imagine being called anything but my given name, but I like the name Emily, so I would choose that name.

  15. I believe I would name myself hope, so I would never loose site of all the goodness in the world.

  16. I would like the name Katie, like Katie Scarlett O'hara....

    Elaine in Jersey

  17. That's a hard question, as I like my first name a lot and it is not that common. But if I choose it would probably be Ashley as Ash was my nickname at Primary school. I definitely hate anyone shorting my name and calling me Andy.

  18. When I was a kid, I always named my doll, Maggie...I just like the sound of it.

  19. My name is perfect for me, so I don't change.

  20. Princess Consuela Bananahammock comes to mind ;)

    But seriously I quite like my name Jennifer, Elizabeth, as I was born on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II.

    If I could choose my name I would name myself Margaret after my Nanna who I miss every single day.

  21. my dad wanted to name me Hepzibah, so glad my mother was sensible. i like my name and the various derivatives, i use diffent variations depending on the situation, bethann for stamping fun, elizabeth for formal/legal things, beth for family/friends.

  22. My given name is Joy Friday. Whenever I meet someone new, they invariably have a comment about it. I've heard them all--Girl Friday; It's Joy! On a Friday!; Were you born on a Friday? Do you have a twin named Joe? Is that a stage name? Sometimes I wonder what my parents were (or were not) thinking of when they named me. I'd like to have a more normal combination of names. Even if I had to keep Friday, I'd like a name like Dana or Gia or Renee. People remember my name,for sure, but I'd be satisfied with a name that evokes less reaction from others.

  23. When I was a young girl I would tell everyone to call me Charlie. I love that name and if it didn't cost so much I would change my name to Charlie. So yeah, call me Charlie :)

  24. Fun question!!! When I was a child I always wanted to be be named Pamela!! Why...I have no idea! Probably knew someone with that name who I thought was cool...LOL!
    Then, I wanted to be called Kari, which was close enough to Karen that I thought I would remember it. Of course, when my Mom tried to accommodate my quirky wish and call me Kari, I never answered to it.
    So....I'll give it another try...Kari it is!

  25. I really love my name. It's just plain, but still pretty. I like simplicity, so I guess that's why I like it. I love the name Bella, so I named my daughter that. Umm, other than that, I really love the name Emily, and Lorna, so I guess I would choose that.

    My real name is Anne, by the way. :)

  26. I was named Jacqueline Ann and I didn't hate it, but the name I really wanted I gave to one of my beautiful daughters...Shannon Dawn.

    I am so hoping the April days will be kind weather-wise to us here in Alaska. I am getting tired of snow and cold and am wanting some green and will even bless the hardy early dandelion blooms this year!

    Jackie in Alaska

  27. If I could name myself would be something that wasn't so "Plain Jane". How about Natasha!

  28. I like my name now, but hated it as a kid. So many times at school, whenever we had a substitute teacher, I could count on them reading my name as "Dennis" instead of "Denise". Hated it! Then to make things worse, in about 6th grade, a boy named Dennis came to our school, so I got called Dennis and he got called Denise. Haha! So not funny! So, if I could choose a different name, I'd pick Kara. Always liked that name!

  29. I would change my name or Marissa Larrogoite (last name is Italian and sounds wonderful)

  30. Thanks for the laugh! Everything has a holiday....changing my name...I always liked Lissette, which is why I gave that name to my daughter. Hollie Lissette. :-)

  31. I would change my name to Elizabeth.

  32. I've never wanted to be anyone except Elizabeth. Lots of my friends like to call me Liz, but I've always wanted to be Elizabeth. Just never had a desire to be anyone other than myself.

  33. Thank goodness you didn't ask us to pick our favorite day in April because there were way too many that I liked...Grilled Cheese day anyone?!
    I actually had a couple of favorite names as I was growing up and I used one of them for my daughter's middle name. I would name myself Addison!

  34. Stephanie!! Always loved that name...

    kjkouklaAT hotmail DOT com

  35. Actually I was named Anne after Anne of Green Gables. I think if I could choose another name, I'd like to be Hannah and be called Nan. My great-grandmother was hannah and everyone called her Grammy Nan. I like the sound of that. Anne, yourmainestamper

  36. I would like to be a Lucy.. I have no idea why - I just have always liked the name!

    I guess it has to do with having such a common first AND last name. Lucy is simple but you just never hear of anyone called that anymore.

  37. My middle name is Angelic and that's the name I go by, so I would have made that my first name.
    my mother named me after her.

  38. Howdy,
    I would name myself Noelle. Sometimes I use Noelle as my nom-de-plume when I submit poetry and short stories.


  39. I have never thought about that.. what a cute question.. ! LOL.. I think it would have to be Kayleigh... it was always the name I loved most and wanted to name my daughter that one day.. and ended up having 2 boys.. LOL Hugs, Michelle from South Africa

  40. I am a twin and while they contemplated Madelyn and Jacquelyn they settled on Jean and Jane. Plain and boring! Not sure what I would have chosen. I think I always liked Annette for Annette Funicellso.

  41. I've always believed I should have been born in the Victorian era and would loved my name to be Victorian. And I would refuse to answer to Vicki! This was a great idea - thanks for allowing us to participate. I had such fun reading the other posts!

  42. I am quite happy with my name of Rosemarie,akthough no one ever calls me by it,It is either Rosie,or Rose,or 'Rosary' as one little girl used to call me!lol.
    My hubby calls me Esmerelda, but thats another story! Ooh i have enjoyed immensely reading about other peeps names.xx

  43. I really like my name, but if I could have an "alternative" it would be Angelique!

  44. Hmmm...can't really pick another name - I think my mom chose quite well - I like my I did get to pick my online-nickname..."kaos" which fits sooo well *lol* but really wouldn't make for an every-day name *lol*

    There really are a lot of observances in April - had to check out those of April 13 as it is my birthday *lol* "Blame someone else day! - I love it!!

  45. I go by Shelly- my real name is Michaella. I am just loving finding your blog and all of the fun techniques you try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  46. my real name is Maria, the second-Shirin Shiart stocks. I've always liked Julia - I'm going to take for confirmation, but the Holy Julia was not haha Maybe the world will be daughter-who knows ....
    kisses from Poland

  47. When I was in junior high (decades ago) I did change my name ~ kind of. I changed the spelling anyway! Somehow my school records had me as Trac"e"y when I had been Tracy. I liked the new spelling and started always spelling it that way. Other than that, I've never wanted another name.

  48. I like the name I have too, but I also like the name Charlotte .

  49. I like the name Maizy. When i was little I had an aunt whose name was Dot and then it was Maizy and then it was Dot again. i just love both those names so maybe I would copy her and be Maizy/Dot!

  50. My name is Cindy Anne and I've always liked it. My grandmother always called me by both names but now she's gone, nobody ever uses my second name... sigh.

    Cindy Anne

  51. I like my name but I wish it was my first name instead of my second. I know when someone calls and asks for Linda it must be a saleperson or a bill collector.
    L. Diane


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!