Saturday, October 6, 2018

World Card Making Day 2018 - My Work Space

Hello my Inky Friends!  
Happy World Card Making Day 2018!!!

Challenge #1 - My Space

I am participating in a joint WCMD celebration today with Joy Clair Stamps.  They challenged us to post photos of our work space...  Normally I wouldn't do this because my space is a controlled chaos...I say controlled because it is contained in my room - LOL!!  Beyond that it's just plain artsy chaos.  

Here goes....(remember what your Mother said...if you can't say anything nice - LOL!!)

My work table...yes I know...
I told you controlled artsy chaos.

It doesn't all match, 
it's not fancy,
it's not a show place,
 expensive or exactly an organizational success
but it works for me.

I have tried to get rid of the piles but they always return...
I have given up on trying to eliminate them, 
I just try to keep them tidied up enough 
so they don't come crashing down around me ;)  LOL!!

This piece is one of my main storage/display cabinets. It holds a special place in my heart because it came from my grandma's house. It was in her old house, in the kitchen, when I was a little kid...brings back fond memories.  It has glass slide doors for the upper portion but I never put them in...I knew it was going to be full.

This is what I really wanted to show you - it's my new way to store my clear stamps. I got tired of trying to find more trays to hold them so I went this route.  It is a metal sock dryer that came with little spring clips (to hold the socks for drying).  I removed all of the clips (and saved them for a future project) (a.k.a. - pack rat) and hung it up so it swung freely and could be twirled around as needed.

I bought some bull nose clips with little hooks on amazon and clipped one to the top of each set of stamps...

Then I hung them all up on the rack!

It works like a charm and it's so easy to locate just the set I want.
I am so happy with the whole set up.

So there you go...
a rare peek into the creative chaos I call home!

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  1. I love your room! And the sock holder is absolute genius!!!! Now I need a sock holder. Who knew?!

  2. Thanks Dee! I know right? It's amazing how many stamp sets it holds!

  3. So nice to see another space that is as chaotic as mine 🧡


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