Wednesday, October 3, 2018

InkTober 2018 - Day 3 Roasted

Welcome back to day 3 of InkTober 2018.

Today's prompt - Roasted...

LOL...I had a hard time with fire - didn't look like fire till I added the color ;)  Sorry, just not the best at drawing so color it was.  I do like how my marshmallows on a stick turned out though.  They look good enough to least to me they do but then again, maybe I'm just hungry for roasted marshmallows.  Haven't had any all summer long and obviously I need some ;)  LOL!!


Reflections Mixed Media Journal
Imagine - Memento Dual Tip Markers, Memento Dye Ink
Niji Waterbrush


  1. That's pretty cool. I would have gone coffee beans, but then I can't draw worth a dingsen. That's probably why I used stamps LOL. Your marshmallows look yummy. Hugz

    1. Thanks - I don't drink coffee so I never even thought about it but that's a great idea...hmmmm maybe I should give that a try as well. Sounds like a fun idea. Thanks sweetie!

  2. Roni,
    Your marshmallows do look good enough to eat! Makes me want to get a fire going. Great job!


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