Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Shimmery, Shiny Pumpkin!

Hello Friends! 
I hope you're having a spectacular day!  

Today I wanted to share a beautiful shimmery , shiny pumpkin with you.  I made this beauty using foiled papers from Rinea - Marigold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, Marigold/Marigold Starstruck Foiled Paper, a bit of Mocha/Mocha Starstruck Foiled Paper and Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper.  Since it is 3D it catches the light and reflects it so pretty, it really packs a punch for such a small package.

It's perfect for Halloween and on into the fall, best thing is that it is held together with a paper clip just like the old honeycomb decorations were so it conveniently folds flat for storage.

For complete instructions please see my post over at Rinea.

Have a lovely fall day friends!

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