Thursday, March 20, 2014

Uhu Glue Crackle Effect Technique - Pt II

Yesterday I shared the first part of this technique on how to get a great crackle effect using plain old acrylic paint and Uhu glue.  Today after drying all night I have the results!

As you recall this is where I left you yesterday afternoon...the Uhu glue has been covered with a top coat of acrylic paint.  All we had to do was wait for it all to dry.

It was amazing how quickly it started to crackle.  This is after just 15-20 minutes but this was just the beginning!

Here is how it turned out after a night drying!
It's amazing how you get such a variety of large, medium and fine cracks you get with just using the Uhu Glue and acrylic paint!

I'll be back shortly with a project incorporating this crackle textured canvas, 
I think you're gonna like it.

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  1. I'm so impressed! I'll for sure be doing this. BUT I have to look into what Uhu glue is! Am I the only one who doesn't know? lol
    Thanks so much! Erica :)


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