Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gelatos Tie-Dyed Seam Binding!

I discovered something the other day and I just have to share it with you...

I had been working on a kit project for Altered Pages using Gelatos.  While I was rubbing the Gelatos around on the canvas I got some on my work surface.  When I was cleaning up I wiped it up with my finger wiper cloth I keep by my side.  It didn't all come up so I squirted the cloth with water and low and behold an idea struck.

Scribble some Gelatos onto your work surface.


Wadded up some rayon seam binding

And wipe up the Gelatos...repeat once or more times.  The more Gelatos you use the darker your finished seam binding will be.

Here's what it looks like after a couple times scribbling...

Now squirt the seam binding with water.  A couple squirts will do.

and wad it up real good.  As you squeeze the seam binding it will distribute the color and water through out the wad of seam binding.

Open it up and let it dry or speed drying with a heat tool (which is what I do.).   And here is what it looks like!  Pretty cool huh?  Notice the lighter and darker "tie-dyed" variations through out the ribbon.  It's even better in person!

And here's a whole assortment of it....
It is SOOOO easy but the results are A-Freakin'-Mazing!!!

Now there is another variation but it won't give you the tie dyed look...scribble on your work surface, mist it with water then drag the seam binding through the resulting slurry.  This will give you an even all-over color.  It's neat but personally I prefer the tie-dyed look.  

Give em both a try and see what you like.
You might find one useful for one project and the other better suited for a different project.


  1. I got some of these for Crimbo and apart from applying them to a acrylic block/mount then spraying with water and stamping onto paper to create a background not sure what else to do with them - thanks for the inspiration. I am going to check out your other Gelato posts next x

  2. I guess I'm going to have to break down and buy myself some Gelato.s I like how you tied dyed the seam binding.Thanks for sharing that idea. Hmmm....maybe I'm going to have to get a job so I can afford all of these craft things.

    Alas my thrift store although it doesn't carry Gelato or Alcohol markers does have a ton of crafting materials very reasonably priced. It even has a scrapbook section with papers and other scrapbooking goodies.:-)

  3. What happens when the fabric gets wet? Is the color permanent?

    1. I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't work for fabric as Gelato's are water soluble. I'm using this dyed seam binding for cards, tags and similar projects so they shouldn't be getting wet after assembled.

    2. Love the St Patty nails!

  4. This is a terrific trick, Roni! Thanks!!

  5. I've only seen this technique with Distress Inks, cool that it works with gelatos

  6. You have such wonderful tutoroials. Is there any way you can also make them available as a pdf? Some website sites have a button to click for a ready made pdf to be printed. I and many followers would LOVE that.


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