Monday, March 31, 2014

Paper Comparison - A little bit about paper...

Today I am going to start a mini series on Paper Comparisons.  This all started a couple months ago when a few people and I were talking about papers we use for making cards and such.  Since that chat I have gotten many e-mails asking about cardstock for stamping so I figured it was a good time to experiment a bit.

I did some digging around to answer 2 of the most asked questions...

What does the pounds mean at the end of the cardstock - ex: 80lbs., 110lbs, etc.

The poundage found on various papers has to do with how thick/heavy a predetermined stack of that type of paper.  This gets a bit confusing because different types of papers are weighted differently.  Text weight papers are weighted differently than index or cardstocks so the pound numbers don't really cross over.  For example 80# Text papers and 80# cardstock have the same poundage designation but the cardstock is almost twice as thick as the text paper.  It's like comparing apples to oranges.

You can use this poundage though when choosing various papers - just remember the higher the pounds the heavier the paper is per sheet.

Once I got to digging around I found this really cool chart which kind of helps put the various weights and types of paper into better perspective.

Paper Weight Comparison Chart (lightest to heaviest)

#'sgsmPaper Stock
16lb60.2 g/m2Bond/Writing/Ledger
40lb60.2 g/m2Book/Text/Offset
20lb75.2 g/m2Bond/Writing/Ledger
50lb 75.2 g/m2Book/Text/Offset
24lb90.3 g/m2Bond/Writing/Ledger
60lb90.3 g/m2Book/Text/Offset
80lb104 g/m2Book/Text/Offset
28lb105.4 g/m2Bond/Writing/Ledger
70lb105.4 g/m2Book/Text/Offset
40lb109.1 g/m2Cover
50lb135.5 g/m2Cover
60lb161.8 g/m2Cover
100lb161.8 g/m2Tag
90lb161.8 g/m2Index
65lb176.8 g/m2Cover
110lb199.4 g/m2Index
80lb218.2 g/m2Cover
90lb244.6 g/m2Cover
140lb252.1 g/m2Index
100lb270.9 g/m2Cover
170lb308.5 g/m2Index
220lb385.1 g/m2Index

What is the difference between Index and Cover/Cardstock?

Index stock is heavier than text but not as heavy as cover/cardstock.  But that's not to say that it's not as good, it's just made differently.  

What type of paper do I use?

Usually Georgia Pacific 110lb (I think it's Index but it says cardstock on the paper).  It's inexpensive, good for all round use and I can buy it locally ~ either at Wal-Mart or a couple different office stores.  

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