Friday, March 28, 2014

Border Stripe Stamping Technique

Recently I had a request for more cards using border stamps.  They look so cool in the package but once you get them home they just sit there.  I know, I've got a few of those myself but I think you'll like this technique...

Border Stripe Stamping Technique

Start off by temporarily adhering your cardstock to your work surface.  I just use a dab of my ATG tape.
Block off the top of your first stripe on the card using a piece of washi tape.

Choose your border stamp - it's o.k. if it's larger than the area blocked off.  The washi tape will act as a mask protecting the rest of the cardstock from the image.  Ink and stamp in the blocked off area.

Reposition the washi tape to cover the stripe you just stamped.  Use a second piece of washi tape to block off the next stripe; use the same or a different border stamp to fill in this stripe.  

Repeat moving your tape and stamping until the entire card has been covered in stripes.

Here is my card after it had been completely covered.  Note I used a sentiment block for one of my stripes...while the tape was still in position I used my ink blending tool to add a bit of color over that stripe as well.

Now I could lie and tell you that those white stripes between my stamped stripes were intentional but they weren't.  I had thought about restamping the entire card but I decided it was a make it work moment (yes, I love Tim Gunn) so I just went with it...

And here's how my card turned out!

Pretty cool huh?
You don't have to use border could use a regular image stamped repeatedly to fill in each stripe.  You could play with color combinations, more text stripes, etc.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. I like this technique...I see some card making/stamping in my future.

  2. Beautiful card- Wow- love all of the pearls and flowers!

  3. Wow Roni ... what a great idea !!! Thanks for sharing. Cheers :)

  4. Awesome tip, thanks for sharing. Going to have to play around some with this technique now.

  5. Oh this card came out absolutely beautiful!! Love the pretty stripes and flowers and how you used the pearls for your additional stripes.

  6. Great, great, great, Roni! Love it!


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