Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Uhu Glue Crackle Technique

I am so excited, I have another fun technique to share with's a really inexpensive alternative to make the crackle texture using Uhu glue!

I'm using a canvas art board for my base but you could use a heavy weight paper, wood, etc.    Paint your foundation with the color you want to peek through the cracks.  I am using black acrylic paint for this example.   It doesn't have to be fine acrylics, just the regular acrylic paints found most anywhere work.

After the paint is completely dry cover the entire surface with a thick coat of Uhu glue...really smear it on.  The thicker the glue the bigger the cracks will be so don't be shy.

Now immediately after you add the glue, paint over top with your top coat color of acrylic paint...I'm using a eggnog white - it's really a cream color but that's it's name.

Once you've painted over the glue it's time to wait....  You have to let the paint/glue dry and as it does your crackle will start to appear like magic!

You can sort of see some coming through here but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the full effect :)

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!
I'm off (no comments) to watch paint dry - LOL!!


  1. I will have to see if this will work with school glue or gel glue. I have painted acrylic paint on heavy card stock and brushed school glue over it. While the glue is still wet I've then taken my heat gun and gotten an interesting effect. Not a true crackle effect though. Thanks for sharing as this is a good project to do on a rainy day.

  2. Oh, that looks like a glue stick you are using. I thought you would be using the original liquid glue with the distinctive smell. My favourite glue. Looking forward to seeing your crackles

  3. Mine didn't crackle. I was using a glue stick of an unknown brand. May not have gotten a heavy enough coat of glue on it or the glue might have dried too fast. Back to the drawing board. In the meantime I'll brush on some Tim Holtz Crackle that I bought to experiment with on my test piece and see what happens.

  4. j'ai hâte de voir l'effet définitif avec votre colle ! j'ai un stock de bâtons de colle premier prix et je me disais que ce serait l'idéal pour m'en débarrasser ! au pire, je pourrais toujours utiliser un craqueleur si l'effet n'est pas assez prononcé. C'est une bonne idée à tenter ! merci pour cet essai et à demain.


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