Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Delicata Foamiran Poinsettia

Today I wanted to share a link to my 
I had so much fun making these...

I am so amazed at how lifelike these foam flowers look once they are finished and not only that, they feel lifelike as well.  They are so soft and delicate but they are really very sturdy. Just perfect for all sorts of projects.  

I wish you could see these flowers in person though, the Ruby Red and Emerald Green Delicata inks have such a lovely shimmer and sparkle to them, it's just dreamy.

Here they are incorporated into a holiday project...

I hope you check out the tutorial and give it a try yourself.
You won't be disappointed!


  • Foamiran Silk Foam
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Plastic Flower Stamen
  • Spellbinders – Poinsettia Die
  • Sugar or Fondant Leaf Veining Mold


  1. So pretty, I still need to play with mine that you gifted to me!! I just got a poinsettia die, may need to play. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Roni. Love your tutorial for this poinsettia. I would love to do this. Can you give me direction as to where to buy the veining mold and which one to buy. I started searching but there seems to be lots of them. Thanks for help you can give me.

    1. Here are several options....



    2. Thanks Linda! the above links are for different types of molds, all which would work.

    3. thanks much, I will check them out.

  3. Linda again. Another thought. Do you think the foam would perform by heating and stamping a rubber leaf stamp into it? Have you tried that?

    1. YES! This will create a one sided design but it will work perfectly. Simply heat the petal and immediately press the leaf onto the foam. Let it sit for about 4-5 seconds for the foam to cool and gently peel the leaf off of the stamp. I didn't have any leaf stamps that would work for this example or I would have shared it.


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