Sunday, December 3, 2017

CarveDecember2017 - #3 - Flowers

I am having so much fun carving these stamps. I made 2 different flowers today.

(Inks - Memento - Cottage Ivy; Kaleidacolor Berry Blaze)

My first flower was meant to be a tulip but I think it looks more like a crocus but I guess it's close enough.  

(Inks - Memento - Bahama Blue & Cottage Ivy)

This is supposed to be a flower but I think it looks a bit like cotton?!?!  I don't know what to do to fix it but I may try to make some leaves for it to make it look more like a flower.

Happy Carve December Friends :)


  1. Love them both and the other day's stamps too! You're inspiring me to dig out my carving tools!

  2. WOW Roni! I'm impressed with your carving skills!

  3. Wow- love your stamp carving images- and the flowers today are very pretty! I have dabbled a little bit in stamp carving- not enough from what I am seeing online! Looking forward to the rest of your posts!

  4. Wow, Roni, you do such a great job carving your own stamps!
    I see you have a lot of great ideas in your head. I keep following you!!

  5. Shoo - I saw a flower until I read cotton! Great job!

  6. Are you selling this on etsy? You should have your own line of stamps. Marvelous stamps.


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