Friday, December 8, 2017

Carve December Day 8 - Challenge Accepted!

Today I have a special stamp to was a special request for a friend. She liked my dog stamp so much she asked if I'd make one of her dog.  Never backing away from a challenge I gave it a shot and here it is...

It's her long hair weiner dog Buddy.

My first attempt was rather tragic...In my defense it was a small photo with half his face in shadow. I tried to enlarge it but the left side of his face just wouldn't show up well enough. Needless to say he's a scary looking dog - I think it's going in the trash.

So she sent me a better photo and I played with the contrast and such the started carving...

This is a much better likeness - at least you can tell how it is this time - LOL!!


  1. Thanks for taking on the challenge. You did a great job. I love the eyes.

  2. LOL!! I love the look on the 1st dog....he looks surprised like he saw a squirrel!! Love it!! great job. I tried to do a drawing of my grand-dog and she looked just as surprised! LOL! I don't even dare attempt to carve it! you are definitely an inspiration.

  3. I love both stamps!! The first one (actual 2nd photo of post) has a great surprised look to him... like the owner human just walked through the door!! It's great!

  4. Wow- your stamp carving is really awesome! I had to go buy some of the pink base- we'll see if I have time to try it or not! Fun, fun!

  5. Wonderful dog stamp, Roni.
    You really now how to do this. This stamp is going to make some fantastic cards.


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