Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Carve December 2017 - Day 6

This is only day 6 on my stamp carving journey and I'm still learning.  I have always wanted a feather tree stamp but I've never found one that I really like. There aren't many out there and the ones that are just don't look like what I picture a feather tree so I decided to carve one of my own.

This is my finished "decorated" feather tree.  I used several peg stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry for the decorations and to add to the bottom of my spool stand.  Looks cute huh?  Best thing - I can vary the peg stamps to change up my tree for the various seasons and holidays!!!  How cool is that?

But it wasn't all peaches and cream!  It was really hard trying to figure out how to make the branches of the tree and I had an epic fail.   My first attempt actually went into my circular file so I started over.

This time I did things a bit different and carved out all of the little bits. It was VERY time consuming but I liked how it turned out...almost.

I say almost because I started the spool stand too far down on the rubber and ended up not having enough room to carve the bottom portion of the spool....CRAP!

But I had a thought, I went digging through my circular file and pulled out my first attempt.  I liked the spool from that tree so I hacked it off, did a bit of surgery on my second stamp and ta-da! I now had a feather tree that actually had a decent stand.

And here's my funky little feather tree!
The star was carved from some scrap rubber that I cut away making the tree.

So tickled I figured out how to make it after all.

Are you carving???


Speedball Carving Tool

Stamped Imagines:

Imagine - Delicata Golden Glitz; Memento Dye Inks
Rubber Stamp Tapestry - Various Christmas Stamps


  1. This is great, Roni! I love the tree and how you decorated it!

  2. Both the trees have their merit! But the final version is pretty spectacular :)

  3. Awesome sauce as my grands would say. You are a wonderful artist.

  4. I LOVE it. will you make one for me? LOL Ive liked all of the ones you have carved. Especially the dog and this one. I can see tons of uses for the flowers and the first one and the graphic design one. great job!

    1. What do you want??? I need ideas for stamps :)

    2. LOL no no no. I was just so enamored by this one. I can see about a million uses for it. DD and DSIL have a cramps tree this year-- you could even use it for that.


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